PDO vs PCL threads used in thread lifting procedure

PDO vs PCL threads used in thread lifting procedure

This article will go over the advantages and disadvantages of PDO threads, PLLA and PCL threads. Why is it important to choice different types of threads when it comes to different area of our face?

What is thread lifting?

Changes in our body that comes with ageing is inevitable but, we can use different procedures and treatments to minimize them. Thread lifting is a non-invasive procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to lift and tighten the skin. It only requires 30 to 40 minutes for a single procedure. This fibrotic reaction stimulates the production of collagen and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Types of threads used in thread lifting procedure.

 There are three types of threads introduced up till now.

1. Polydioxanone PDO thread: 

PDO threads
PDO threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) thread is usually in blue color and it is made with Monofilament synthetic sutures that is used in wound stitching, widely used in surgeries since 1980. When applied to the skin, it remained for up to six months then gradually absorbed by the body and it is dissolve under the skin within’ 9 months. This suture activates the fibroblasts to stimulate collagen growth. By this process, it increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. You can use them not only on the face but on the other parts of the body. There are different types of PDO threads used in different parts of body and face.

Results are noticeable 4 to 6 weeks after treatment and can last up to 2 years. PDO threads are most common used in thread lifting procedure, however the only disadvantage of PDO threads is the result does not last long, it is best to mix with PCL threads for long lasting result.

Glamour cannula eye threads
Glamour cannula eye threads

2. Poly-L-lactic acid PLA thread:

It is a poly L-lactic acid suture derived from biocompatible polymer and designed in such a way to give volume and lift saggy skin. Unlike PDO sutures, it takes more time to absorb by the body and regenerate collagen over time. The PLLA threads are not soft enough compares to PDO, it feels hard when insert into the skin. The patient might feel uncomfortable post treatments for a. few days, the PLLA threads might come out from the skin if the patients  keep touching her face. Because the PLLA threads are hard, so it needs the patient not to touch the area for 2 weeks.

3. Polycaprolactone. PCL thread: 

PCL threads
PCL threads

 It is the newest bio-absorbable monofilament thread which is made of Polycaprolactone. It last longer than the other two threads and provides long-lasting results.  The PCL threads are soft enough to blend, so patients feels comfortable post treatments. PCL  threads allow patient have more facial movement post-treatment, they won’t look as stiff compares to PLLA threads. With the gradual dissolve of PCL after it is inserted into the skin, the PCL microspheres then distribute evenly in the 3D space within the subcutaneous tissue, building a scaffold that helps the skin re-grow autologous collagen. It promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Regeneration of the collagen occurs continuously for a long time. This way, it tightens the skin, prevents it from sagging and provides long-lasting effects that continue even if the thread absorbs. However since the PCL threads are soft, so the lifting effect is not as obviously compares. to PDO threads, so it is recommend to mix with PDO threads to create a long lasting result.

Glamour PCL twin mono 25mm
Glamour PCL twin mono 25mm


 Your cosmetic surgeon will decide which thread he will use, keeping in mind your age, thickness of skin, area of skin and whether your skin needs tightening, lifting or both.

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Comparison of authentic Meditoxin and fake replica

A guide on how to distinguish between authentic Meditoxin and fake

This is a guide for of the people who never use an authentic Meditoxin before, you will learn how to check the authenticity of the product just by look at it. In fact, we can distinguish the authenticity of Meditoxin from the outer packaging.

Check point one: Expiration date and production batch number

comparsion of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

The expiration date and the production batch number on the outer packaging of the authentic Meditoxin, they are print as a stamp alike fonts, like continuous, all the font size are the same. While the fake one looks like they are printing one by one, the font looks intermittent, font size looks a little different. You also have to look at the thickness of the packaging font, the authentic one came with a thicker font. This is the first check point.

Check point two: Temperature label

comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

In addition, from this comparison picture below, we can see that the temperature label on the upper right corner of the genuine box seems to be relatively light.  While the temperature label on the side of the fake box in a deeper color.

Check point three: Bottom labeling

comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

For the authentic Meditoxin, the first line on the bottom label  should be showing the production batch number, the second line should be showing the expiration date. Now when we looking at the fake one, it shows production date on the first line and expiration date on the second line.

Check point four: Traceability source code

comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

There will be a source code mark on one side of the package. The genuine two-dimensional trace source code is relatively small and marked with four lines.  While the fake Meditoxin two-dimensional code is relatively large, and the characters next to it are only three lines.

Check point five: Look at the form of the botulinum toxin appears on the bottom of the bottle

comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

Many people dont know how to distinguish between authentic Meditoxin powder and fake one. In fact, the production technology of Meditoxin type A botulinum toxin is very similar to Botox in the United States. The purified botulinum has a foggy sensation, and the powder rarely surrounds the bottom.

The fake meditoxin came with a lot of the white freeze-dried powder on the bottom of the bottle, most of the these fakes are made in China, so technology can’t make it transparent and foggy.

Check point six: Vacuum packaging

The authentic Meditoxin is made by vacuum packaging, you can feel the obvious negative pressure in the bottle after the needle is inserted. While the fake one does not necessarily make people feel the negative pressure after the needle is inserted.

Check point seven: Color laser label

comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake
comparison of authentic Meditoxin & fake

You can tell whether the Meditoxin is authentic or fake by looking at the bottle label. The authentic bottle has laser anti-counterfeiting label, while fake products usually do not have laser anti-counterfeiting, and the color reflective effect of the bottle cannot be seen. However, it should be noted that not all fakes do not have a laser anti-counterfeiting mark. Some of the new fakes may have lasers printed on the bottle. Another brand of the same manufactory called Innotox could be an alternative choice, since there is no fake ones made at the moment due to the technology of pre-mixed botulinum toxin.

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Tutorial for Korean 24K Gold therapy, the famous gold facial mask

The Korean skin management project I am going to introduce here will e the most famous one in the world, the 24K Gold therapy. It is the most luxury treatment, not only because of the high price, since the treatment contains 24K gold, it is a luxury treatment in most of the high end beauty salons and esthetic med spas . This treatment is perfect for those ladies who often wearing heavy makeup, those toxin that is left in the skin by cosmetics accumulate over time, which is not easy to clean by normal facial cleanser. These toxin not only clogging our pores, but also making our skin very dull. This Korean 24K Gold therapy can eliminating toxin residues in the skin, it helps skin to stay balanced and radiance.

What is  24K Gold therapy?

24K Gold facial mask
24K Gold facial mask

24K Gold facial mask is a skin deep cleansing and rejuvenation treatment from the Korean skin management industry. It uses nano-level gold particles and a variety of nutrients to thoroughly clean the toxin and other harmful substances that cause skin dullness and aging. It also reduce the damaged caused by UV rays, reduce free radicals, and prevent skin from aging.

How to perform the Korean 24K Gold facial mask?

  1. The first step is to a hydro jet machine to clean the face, so that the skin pores are fully opened.
  2. The next step is to perform an oxygen facial first, to wake up the skin cells, so your skin can better absorb the nutrient solution that will be used next.
  3. Use a RF radio frequency machine to massage your skin along with the golden essence.
  4. Apply gold mask, gold is a negative ion, while the human body is a positive ion, the two attract each other.
  5. Take out an appropriate amount of cream and apply it on the face, massage it with an ultrasound machine.
  6. Mix the 24K gold modeling mask and apply it to the whole face for calming management. It takes about 15 minutes.
  7. Wipe the face clean with a cotton pad, and apply cream essence again for skin care.

To sum it up in one sentence, the 24K nano-gold micro-particles are combined with professional skin management techniques and high tech beauty equipment through ion exchange to clean the harmful toxin and other harmful substances that cause skin aging.

What are the functions of Korean 24K gold therapy?

  1. Tighten the skin. It could reduce the loss and consumption of collagen and elastin, and prevent skin from sagging.
  2. Activate skin cells. Gamma PGA, which has a moisturizing effect more than 10 times that of hyaluronic acid, it is absorbed into the deep layer of the skin at the same time to provide skin with nutrition, and stimulate the skin’s natural moisturizing elements.
  3. Whitening effect. Reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, eliminate free radicals, and inhibit melanin secretion.
  4. Detoxification. Toxin and various harmful substances are the deadly causes of skin aging, and the fine particles of pure gold can be penetrated into the skin through negative ion exchange, which can completely remove the dirt and toxin deep in the pores.

Who is suitable for the Korean 24K Gold therapy?

Gold facial mask are suitable for people of all skin types, but if you are allergic to gold, then this will not be the right treatment for you. Otherwise it can cause allergic reactions such as redness and itching.

The whole process takes about 90 minutes. Although it looks like a luxury treatment, the price is affordable if you choice to buy the treatment set and do it at home. It could probably cost $150 to $500 USD in beauty salons, it depends on what the salon will offer, some offer hydro peel and Oxygen facial along with this 24K Gold therapy to make it a treatment, then it could cost up to $500 USD.

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All you need to know about Korean milk therapy Cica Peel

All you need to know about Korean milk therapy Cica Peel

Acid, the scientific name AHA, which is a commonly known as alpha hydroxy acids. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, she was known to use wine and milk for skin care in order to keep her beauty. For nearly a thousand years, the winemakers of French wine estates, they keep having the habit of rubbing their skin with grape juice to keep their skin smooth and radiant. Since AHA has such a long history and such magical effect, how does it rejuvenate the skin? Is it safe? Let us walk into the milk therapy class today, and have a comprehensive understanding of Cica peel skin rejuvenation!

Merikit Cica Peel set ( Milk Peel therapy )
Merikit Cica Peel set ( Milk Peel therapy )

Korean Milk therapy is also called milk & glycolic acid peel, which is also a kind of glycolic acid peeling. It contains 64% of lactic acid, fruit acid, and salicylic acid.

Here is the process:

  1. For girls who wears make-up, use make-up remover to remove the make-up on the face.
  2. We need to use a special deep foam cleansing cream to clean the pores. This cleansing cream contains glycolic acid, glycyrrhetinic acid and other ingredients, which can effectively carry out deep cleansing and clean up the dirt in the pores as much as possible.
  3. Pour 2.5ml of Milk Peel into a glass container, and then use a beauty brush to apply the mixed milk product evenly on the face.

4. When applying, start from the forehead first, followed by the T zone area and then the cheeks. Spread the entire face quickly within 30 seconds. Relax as a whole, allowing your skin to fully absorb the nutrients it contains. Wait for 1–3 minutes to clean off the mask.

5. After cleansing the face, apply a calming and moisturizing mask again. After applying the mask, perform a series of skin care finishing such as lotion and cream.

The three major acidic components in Cica Peel and their respective functions

  1. Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule and the most bioavailable acid, which penetrates the skin most easily. It improve the renewal of the epidermis, stimulate the production of glycans, collagen and elastin, and reduce cell cohesion between keratinocytes, leading to exfoliation. It also produce mucopolysaccharides and collagen, increase skin thickness.
  2. Lactic acid is an acid with moisturizing and decolorizing properties. It increases the hydration capacity of the epidermis most than any other acid. It slows down the formation of pigment particles, and increases the effectiveness of home care whitening products.
  3. Salicylic acid maintenance skin health. It can effectively improve uneven skin tone, lighten dark spots, tighten skin, brighten skin, and making skin look brighter, more delicate.

The Korean wave has spread of South Korean pop culture and how all things Korean with music, movies, dramas, including esthetic skin care trends. Milk therapy is a Korean improved version of transactional AHA peel.

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The Benefits of the ASCE+ Exosome Skin care therapy

Human cells consist of various components, including protein, chromosomes, multiple nutrients, water, and many more. The organelle is the term to refer to all the ingredients of a human cell. At times, organelles create tiny sacs that get detached from the cells. Other cells requiring the nutrients collect those sacs. Exosome Skin care become a popular trend in year 2021.

The exosome is the professional term of these sacs released by healthy human cells. The exosomes consist of various vital ingredients such as RNA, DNA, proteins, different nutrients, etc. The weak recipient cells get healed automatically after taking the exosomes.

ASCE Exosome Skincare Therapy

Releasing exosomes is a natural practice for the healthy cells of our body. According to scientists, healthy cells release them to regenerate and rejuvenate the weak or damaged cells. However, the number of healthy cells comes down drastically after 40-45 years of age.

When there are more exosome receivers than providers, many cells start getting damaged permanently. As a result, signs of ageing occur. Exosome skincare therapy provides exosomes from an external source. Damaged skin cells collect them, and the regeneration process gets started. The treatment helps to deal with various signs of premature aging.

The Benefits of Exosome Skincare Therapy

asce exosome derma signal kit
asce exosome derma signal kit

The exosome dermal signal kit comes with many benefits. In the following section, you can find those benefits.

1. Natural Skin Cell Regeneration

Exosome skin treatment stimulates a natural skin regeneration process, as it sends exosomes through the skin pores. Damaged skin cells collect them and become healthy. The process does not have any harmful impact on the body. Nevertheless, it does not have any effect on natural body functions.

2. Skin Brightness and Hydration

Exosome therapy helps in skin brightness and hydration. The treatment can treat sunburns, scars, and other skin damages. At the same time, the overall brightness of the skin increases. Skin texture becomes smooth as it gets hydrated due to the therapy.

3. Prevents Premature Ageing

For the prevention of skin wrinkles, people try different kinds of demagogical products and topical creams. However, most of them cannot fetch the desired result. Using ASCE Derma Signal Kit SRLV-S is better than using anti-aging creams. Using needling technology, the health experts will apply the ASCE Derma Signal Kit on your skin. When the solution gets absorbed by the skin, damaged cells will receive the exosomes, and the rejuvenation process will start.

4. No Surgeries

For skin rejuvenation, many people undergo cosmetic surgery. Through such surgeries, skin wrinkles, scars, and other skin-related problems can get resolved. But, surgery is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is costly too. Exosome skin treatment is a non-surgical process, and anyone can undergo such therapy. The cost of the treatment is affordable for everyone.


What to Expect after the Therapy?

After the therapy, people do not need to take leaves from the workplace. There is no downtime, and thus people can immediately go back to their regular life after the treatment. The therapy stimulates collagen production of the body, and the effect can last up to 18-24 months. A person can undergo the treatment multiple times, as there is no risk of side effects.

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How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

Vline A solution essence lipolysis injection is made by BR Pharm in Korea, it is the first lipolysis injection cocktail that is in the market since 2015. Unlike other ppc injection that you have to mix your own cocktail, Vline A solution is a ready to use cocktail. Vline A solution already mixed with soy isoflavone ferments, carnitine, visnadine, escin and BR special compounds to maximize the lipolysis activation. Since Vline A solution lipolysis is the one and only brand in the market that does not cause swelling, and it is less pain during injection, so it became a big hit in the whole Asia Market back since 2015 up until now. Vline A solution lipolysis has been selling over 30000 boxes every month just in China market, it is also very popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Russia. Also it has been in the South America market since 2018.

vline a solution essence package change
vline a solution essence package change

BR pharm has been keep changing packages of V line A solution to get rid of counterfeit products in the Market

Since Vline A solution is selling a lot in China every month, the Chinese Counterfeit manufactory is starting to produce counterfeits of Vline A solution back in late 2015. It’s not a news that chinese counterfeits products are in the market, many popular Korean brands such as Botulax, Meditoxin, Nabota, Dermalax, Neuramis, Yvoire are victims of chinese counterfeits. Vline A solution is the only lipolysis that has chinese counterfeits due to its popularity. Vline A solution first came with a simple white package, which is easy to counterfeit. The first counterfeit appears in late 2015 with the white package. BR Pharm then decided to change its package due to counterfeits. BR Pharm decided to change to a more fancy purple package that is not as easy to make counterfeits in early 2016. The purple package replaced the old white package in the market since mid 2016. However even changing to purple package can not help much, the counterfeits of the purple Vline A solution has appears in the market in 2017. In 2017, BR Pharm has descide to open a sub company in Shanghai, China. Vline A solution was only KFDA approval, it did not came with CFDA approval, BR pharm start to apply for CFDA approval since 2017, and they designed a new package for getting the CFDA approval. After a full year, in early 2018, Vline A solution finally grant approval of CFDA in China, so BR pharm decided to change their package to red, with every unique serial code on every single box of Vline A solution lipolysis.

vline a solution fake
Vline a solution old packages from 2015 to 2018, all these packages are discontinused, BR pharm stop producing these packages anymore since 2018, they are susposed to be out of the market.


vline a solution genuine
Vline a solution lipolysis new red package since mid 2018 until now.


However, even changing to new red package with a serial code on every single package can not help to get rip of counterfeits, imaging selling over 30000 boxes just in China market every month, Counterfeit makers will do anything to share this market. Here are the tips on how to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake Vline A solution in the latest red package.

vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution genuine and fake tip 1, check the stickers on the box.


vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution lipolysis genuine and fake tip 2, when you scan the code, it goes to a product authentication web site, the fake one will links to a low quality page.



Vline a solution lipolysis authentic fake
Vline a solution lipolysis authentic and fake tip 3, the red box has been changed the bottles to transparent design in early 2019. From early 2018 to end of 2018, the bottles of the new red package was in silver sticker bottles like the right, BR pharm has changed to transparent  bottles with lot number and expiry date on the bottom.

Always buy your Vline A solution shipping from Korea, this is the best way to avoid getting fake ones, Vline A solution is a trade mark in Korea, Korean law are very strict when it comes to counterfeits,  so there are no counterfeits in Korean market. Always buy your korean beauty products direct from Korea to avoid counterfeits.  Vline A solution is the most popular lipolysis in the market, the result is amazing, thats why it sells over 30000 boxes to China every month, and this is why Vline A solution is the only lipolysis brand that became the victim of Chinese counterfeits.

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Shine with skin elasticity with Kiara Reju PDRN skin booster

PDRN, the core of Anti-Aging (DNA ingredient) – Kiara Reju

Kiara Reju is a solution to boost the extreme gloss and regeneration of skin which enables to feel the effects of regeneration and glowing of skin cells with stable combination of PDRN which consists of DNA ingredient (a basic unit to supply energy to human body) and Hyaluronic Acid which is a Natural Moisture Factor (NMF).

pdrn skin boosters rejuran
pdrn skin boosters

The solution for gloss and regeneration of skin completed with PDRN and Hyaluronic Acid

With biosynthesis action in skin tissues(epidermis, dermis) of PDRN which is a regenerative activity material of cell tissue, it recovers and maintains elasticity and health of skin. Hyaluronic Acid which is a component of human body gives moisture, moisturizing, smoothness, and gloss to skin and makes your skin healthy and elastically in addition to make glowing skin tone.

kiara reju
kiara reju

Kiara Reju which brightens up skin tone and improves micro wrinkles with water supplement within the skin

Moisture + clear skin tone + delicate gloss + smooth skin texture. It is not only for the moisture but also for the effect to make complexion to be clean and clear by filling the moisture from the inside of skin.

kiara reju pdrn
kiara reju pdrn

Adds glow to your skin

Kiara Reju which is completed with PDRN and Hyaluronic Acid is the most powerful anti-aging solution to immediately supplement the moisture and to improve skin tone and elasticity.

kiara reju pdrn skin boosters
kiara reju pdrn skin boosters


Combines both of the most powerful solutions for skin, PDRN and HA

What is PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide) of Kiara Reju?

It is a DNA obtained by extracting from the testicles of salmonidae fish and a regenerative activity material existing within the living body.This acts on tissue formation and cell division as a regenerative ingredient and helps to improve the skin excellently within short-term period.

kiara reju pdrn injection
kiara reju pdrn injection
  • Boosting proliferation of multiple growth factors
  • Rapid regeneration of wounded skin
  • Solving general skin problems with the activation of micro circulation

What is HA (Hyaluronic Acid) of Kiara Reju?

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient which naturally exists in human body as a component of cell and substrate. It gets reduced as it grew older and as a result, skin loses the elasticity and has more wrinkles. For the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

kiara reju skin boosters
kiara reju skin boosters

If you want the glowing skin, Kiara Reju skin booster is the most powerful solution

When most people feel the skin dry, they mostly want to use the cosmetics. As such method is not direct one, it is not satisfactory. So, for the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

skin boosters treatment
skin boosters treatment

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Dermalax filler, a Hugel brand with CE certificate

As many of you might heard of Revolax, it is made by Across, Across is a company under Hugel, Hugel is the manufactory that produces Botulax, the famous Korean botulinum toxin brand. Dermalax is the dermall filler brand for Hugel, it is approved by FKDA  in Korea, it also approved with a CE certification. Dermalax has been export to Europe and worldwide.

dermalax dermal filler
dermalax dermal filler


Hyaluronic acid is an anionic, glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin owing to its high water- binding properties and also maintains proper tissue vol-ume. Recently, Hyaluronic acid based fillers have become the material of choice for wrinkle correction and tissue augmentation of soft tissues.1 Although the various types of HA fillers appear to be similar, their physical characteristics and manufacturing processes are not the same. These differences can affect injection technique, usage, and outcome.HA fillers are classified into two categories based on the cross- linking method used for manufacturing: monophasic or biphasic. Monophasic fillers consist of a mix of high- molecular- weight and low- molecular- weight HAs.  Biphasic fillers contain selectively sized particles of cross- linked HA suspended within non- cross- linked HA used as a carrier. Dermalax is made of Monophasic method, by adding BDDE to the HA, and through long term fermentation, the BDDE will disappear, esulting in the formation of Dermalax hyaluronic acid. The advantage of Monophasic HA is that it is not a non-animal ingredient and therefore does not require skin testing. It lasts for a long time and feels comfortable when it is injected. BDDE itself has side effects on the human body, however it will be completely removed during process, making the product completely safe, without any allergies and side effects.

dermalax buy online
dermalax buy online




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How to choice the best hyaluronic acid fillers for Hyaluron Pen needle free injection?

Hyaluron Pen needle free injection has become the most trendy cosmetic treatment since 2017, it is a new technology that allows a jet injector uses high pressure to force a hyaluronic acid through a person’s skin. The result was less discomfort than a needle injection, a lot of people perfer this method because it caused less anxiety in people who were afraid of needles. What type of hyaluronic acid for hyaluron pen to last longer? This will be the question that most of the user are wondering.

However, the differences between Hyaluron Pen needless injection and typical needle injection of hyaluronic acid filler is the injection depth. As many of you already known, Hyaluron pen lip injection last for about 2 months, clients always have to come back for refill.  The first reason why it doesnt last long is becuse of the diameter of injection that Hyaluron Pen injects.

The device deposits Hyaluronic Acid Filler into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin. The hyaluronic acid will turn into nano scale molecules and inserts through the skin with the pressure technology from the hyaluron pen. The diameter of this flow is 0,17mm, which is twice as small as needle. Since hyaluronic acid turns into nano scale molecules when they are injected, so it will not last long comparing to injection by hands.

hyaluron pen injection
hyaluron pen injection


For making the hyaluronic acid filler last longer, it is very improtant to choice the right type of filler. The most improtant part is the cross linking technology of the hyaluronic acid. Glamour Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler which overcomes the limit of original structure of hyaluronic acid to develop a multi-cross linking morphological technique, multi-cross linking the molecules together which improves the mechanical property and the sustainability.

Glamour hyaluronic acid for hyaluron pen
Glamour hyaluronic acid for hyaluron pen

How is the sustainability of Glamour Hyaluronic Acid Dermal filler?

Just as linking chains together makes a stronger structure, multi-cross linking Hyaluronic Acid together forms a super long lasting, and hydrating net over the skin and delivers water to parched skin over time. The high viscosity and cohesiveness of the product allows easy molding, and product maintains in good shape when it absorbs by the body naturally.

Compared with the hyaluronic acid on the market, most of the products have technical limitations, so simply improve the maintenance of the concentration and the size of Hyaluronic acid particles does not making it long lasting.

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid for Hyaluron Pen needle free injection
Glamour Hyaluronic Acid for Hyaluron Pen needle free injection

Our product is highly viscous ranging up to 11,000,000 cp. Strong viscosity allows for a long-lasting filler being migration resistant and contributing to the long-lasting effect.

After centrifugation for 30 minutes at 3000 rpm.(Condition:add 50 cc of pure water
into 1 cc of each test sample)Our product shows exceptional volume enhancement due to its outstanding
hydrophilic capacity through its stable particle structure. Moreover even with a small amount the product allows for easy molding and with a greater volume enhancement effect.

Glamour hyaluronic acid filler for hyaluron pen

hyaluron pen glamour hyaluronic acid filler

Hyaluron Pen needle free injection can be used to create volume, shape and lift.

Treatment areas include: Lips, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, 11 lines.

Treatment is perfect for lip augmentations and reducing wrinkles.

The Hyaluronic Acid only reaches the papillary layer of the dermis making this a safe treatment with no risk of occlusion as well as no sharp tips to puncture blood vessels.

However, some stronger hyaluron pen can be use for lipolysis injection, it could reach to fat layers, it will depends on the hyaluron pen models for injection depth.

hyaluron pen injection depth
hyaluron pen injection depth


glamour hyaluronic acid filler for hyaluron pen
glamour hyaluronic acid filler for hyaluron pen



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PDRN for hair loss treatment, Polydeoxyribonucleotide for hair growth

Our scalp and hair needs equal pampering as our skin. But, we do not give much attention to it as needed. Most of the shampoos and conditioners we use have a chemical concentration that tends to weaken the hair roots and irritate the scalp. With time, one starts to face problems like eczema, dryness, pimples, acne, oiliness, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Other reasons for hair fall include poor sleeping habits, stress, unhealthy eating styles, and more. Flawless skin has no effect until you have beautiful hair. People suffer embarrassment due to baldness. In the course of a busy life, people ignore the problem of hair loss until it becomes severe.

At a serious stage, it becomes difficult to solve the problem of hair loss. Investing lots of money, time, and efforts do not yield effective results. One of the most effective treatments for hair growth and thickness of the roots is PDRN concentrated medicines and treatment. They are proven to show results within weeks.

What is PDRN therapy?

PDRN therapy is a deep scalp rejuvenating and intense healing treatment from the inner side. Other scalp treatments provide temporary relief with chemical conditions, whereas PDRN therapy strengthens and provides thick and healthy scalp for nourished hair growth. It nourishes our scalp from inside. You can also apply a PN cell Hanmo Salmon DNA serum during the treatment.

PN CELL Vitoxidil PDRN for hair growth
PN CELL Vitoxidil PDRN for hair growth

For whom is PDRN Treatment?

People who are suffering from the thinning of hair and whose hair is weakening day by day should try PDRN therapy. The treatment is also suitable for people with irritating scalp conditions. People who wish to have long-term and healthier hair growth and repair their scalp from unfavorable conditions must opt for PDRN therapy.

PN Cell Vitoxidil hair growth pdrn

Benefits of PDRN Therapy

 Results in healthy scalp
 Prevention of baldness
 Hair growth on the bald scalp
 Strong and thick roots of the hair
 Hair growth right from the cellular level

 Healthy and thick hair without any oral medication
 Solves the problem of unhealthy hair growth

Product recommendation for hair growth with PDRN- CELL Vitoxidil Powder

Pn Cell Vitoxidil powder is a moisturizing powder for improving unfavorable scalp conditions and boosting hair growth. It contains PDRN (a Most essential ingredient for hair growth) and copper tripeptide-1. The powder can be used with either micro needling or mesotherapy. A Tok Stick is used to inject the powder in the scalp without any pain of injection. The CELL Vitoxidil are considered as a lyophilized substance with polynucleotide (PN) concentration. PDRN is a sub-family of PN.
This unique product not only protects the scalp from bacterial infections, but also maintains the effectiveness and solves the problems of hair fall instantly. PN helps to stimulate the growth of the hair. It revitalizes the hair follicles and stimulates the blood
circulation, which increases hair growth. PN also solves the scalp problems and increases the fullness and thickness of the hair. It is also capable of moisturizing and nourishing scalp and hair. PN Cell Vitoxidil powder is lyophilized and freeze-dried. It is a concentration of water, Zinc DNA, water, copper tripeptide-1, mannitol, PDRN, and sodium hyaluronate. The freeze-drying is done in order to maintain the activeness of all these ingredients.


How to use Cell Vitoxidil PDRN Powder

This lyophilized powder can be used by micro needling, mesotherapy, or Tok Stick injector. You can buy the Tok Stick for micro-needling from the store and inject the powder in the scalp. Use it in the area which has no pain, blood, or numbness. Alternatively, you can use a mesotherapy gun or a roller to apply the powder. Read the instruction set that comes with the product for detailed use.

Results of the PDRN serum Treatment

You can see visible results within 3-4 weeks of using the product. After 3 days of applying the powder, the repairing of the skin starts. For best and faster results you can repeat the treatment 3 to 4 times, leaving a gap of 2 to 4 weeks between each treatment.
After that, you will see long-lasting and sustainable results. If you want to continue the treatment for maintenance, you can keep a gap of 6 to 9 months between the treatments. With timely usage, you will see healthier and long hair growth.

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