PDRN for hair loss treatment, Polydeoxyribonucleotide for hair growth

PN CELL Vitoxidil PDRN for hair growth

Our scalp and hair needs equal pampering as our skin. But, we do not give much attention to it as needed. Most of the shampoos and conditioners we use have a chemical concentration that tends to weaken the hair roots and irritate the scalp. With time, one starts to face problems like eczema, dryness, pimples, acne, oiliness, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Other reasons for hair fall include poor sleeping habits, stress, unhealthy eating styles, and more. Flawless skin has no effect until you have beautiful hair. People suffer embarrassment due to baldness. In the course of a busy life, people ignore the problem of hair loss until it becomes severe.

At a serious stage, it becomes difficult to solve the problem of hair loss. Investing lots of money, time, and efforts do not yield effective results. One of the most effective treatments for hair growth and thickness of the roots is PDRN concentrated medicines and treatment. They are proven to show results within weeks.

What is PDRN therapy?

PDRN therapy is a deep scalp rejuvenating and intense healing treatment from the inner side. Other scalp treatments provide temporary relief with chemical conditions, whereas PDRN therapy strengthens and provides thick and healthy scalp for nourished hair growth. It nourishes our scalp from inside. You can also apply a PN cell Hanmo Salmon DNA serum during the treatment.

PN CELL Vitoxidil PDRN for hair growth
PN CELL Vitoxidil PDRN for hair growth

For whom is PDRN Treatment?

People who are suffering from the thinning of hair and whose hair is weakening day by day should try PDRN therapy. The treatment is also suitable for people with irritating scalp conditions. People who wish to have long-term and healthier hair growth and repair their scalp from unfavorable conditions must opt for PDRN therapy.

PN Cell Vitoxidil hair growth pdrn

Benefits of PDRN Therapy

 Results in healthy scalp
 Prevention of baldness
 Hair growth on the bald scalp
 Strong and thick roots of the hair
 Hair growth right from the cellular level

 Healthy and thick hair without any oral medication
 Solves the problem of unhealthy hair growth

Product recommendation for hair growth with PDRN- CELL Vitoxidil Powder

Pn Cell Vitoxidil powder is a moisturizing powder for improving unfavorable scalp conditions and boosting hair growth. It contains PDRN (a Most essential ingredient for hair growth) and copper tripeptide-1. The powder can be used with either micro needling or mesotherapy. A Tok Stick is used to inject the powder in the scalp without any pain of injection. The CELL Vitoxidil are considered as a lyophilized substance with polynucleotide (PN) concentration. PDRN is a sub-family of PN.
This unique product not only protects the scalp from bacterial infections, but also maintains the effectiveness and solves the problems of hair fall instantly. PN helps to stimulate the growth of the hair. It revitalizes the hair follicles and stimulates the blood
circulation, which increases hair growth. PN also solves the scalp problems and increases the fullness and thickness of the hair. It is also capable of moisturizing and nourishing scalp and hair. PN Cell Vitoxidil powder is lyophilized and freeze-dried. It is a concentration of water, Zinc DNA, water, copper tripeptide-1, mannitol, PDRN, and sodium hyaluronate. The freeze-drying is done in order to maintain the activeness of all these ingredients.


How to use Cell Vitoxidil PDRN Powder

This lyophilized powder can be used by micro needling, mesotherapy, or Tok Stick injector. You can buy the Tok Stick for micro-needling from the store and inject the powder in the scalp. Use it in the area which has no pain, blood, or numbness. Alternatively, you can use a mesotherapy gun or a roller to apply the powder. Read the instruction set that comes with the product for detailed use.

Results of the PDRN serum Treatment

You can see visible results within 3-4 weeks of using the product. After 3 days of applying the powder, the repairing of the skin starts. For best and faster results you can repeat the treatment 3 to 4 times, leaving a gap of 2 to 4 weeks between each treatment.
After that, you will see long-lasting and sustainable results. If you want to continue the treatment for maintenance, you can keep a gap of 6 to 9 months between the treatments. With timely usage, you will see healthier and long hair growth.

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