The Day of the Korea Smile Lift Surgery

After consultation with a few other clinics for the smile lift surgery, I decided to go for the smile lipt surgery in a clinic near Apgujeong in Gangnam.  This kind of lip corner surgery is pretty complicated, even Korean plastic surgery is famous in the world, but still not a lot of docters in Seoul are able to do well on the smile surgery. The choices are very limited. The clinic I choose is pretty busy, a lot of Korean clients were waitting for consultations, I can tell it’s pretty much a famous clinic for the smile lift surgery because most of the patients here are going for the lip surgery and face lifts. So my surgery dated is set and everything is ready.

My smile lipt surgery was at 10:30AM in the morning. So after I arrived in the clinic, I went into a room and had a more detailed consultation with the docter. I told him my lips were crooked and my right side of my lift is more drooping than the left side. I asked him if he can alter it by just doing
the lip corner surgery without doing a full lip surgery. He said no problems and I am sure he understands what I wanted. So he marks on my lips and starting to design the surgery, and after 10 mins of marking I went to sleep under the Anesthesia.

The Docter is designing the lines on my mouth corners.

So when I wake up the surgery was done. My lips were all taped so I can’t see
anything. They said I need to come back the next day for disinfection service, and the tapes will be removed.

smile surgery
This is how it looks right after the surgery.

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I am about to go for the famous Korean Smile Lipt Surgery


Saw the information about the Korean smile lipt surgery on daily mail UK, I got pretty much interested in doing it because I do have a drooping lip corner that made me look like less “kind” if I don’t smile. Also the main problem is that my lips look crooked when I smile or even I don’t smile. Even when I try to smile, my smile seems unnatural becase my lip corner doesnt seem like a Crescent shape, it looks like I try hard to smile or something. Korea plastic surgery is famous in the world, and this smile surgery is only found in Korea, I don’t think any doctors in the states are doing it so far.

So I was hopping by doing this surgery it could fix the problems on my lips with a better smile. Well  maybe picture could explain it more.

Drooping Lip Corner Before Surgery

Asymmetrical Lip Corners Before Surgery
Asymmetrical Lip Corners Before Surgery
Crooked Smile Before Surgery
Crooked Smile Before Surgery



My expected result after the surgery could be like these pictures:

Smile Lipt Surgery
Smile Lipt Surgery

So I have researched 3 clinics in Seoul that is specialized in Smile Lipt surgery, I will go to consultation for all these three clinics and pick one out of the three. I personally do not like the one which with heavry advertistment for oversea patients, I perfer going to the ones that is only for Korean local clients. So I will be updating the consultation reviews soon. Check it up




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