Korea Smile Lipt Surgery Result from 3 days after smile lift surgery to 3 weeks after!

So it’s been 3 weeks after I done my smile surgery in Korea, as all of you should have known, it is also called lip corner lift, or the Smile Lipt Surgery. The result was great and althrough there is some marks left on the right side of my lip corner, however the Docter said the marks will be gone within’ 6 months. I have updated a few pictures here. Over all I think the Korea smile lipt surgery is pretty much worth it, I guess korea plastic surgery skill is like the best in the world.

3 days after surgery, you are required to go to the clinic again to remove most of the stitches but leaving some on still, and the rest will be remove on the 5th day after surgery. So during the 4th day, they will do the disinfection service again, after they remove the tapes and the cotton pads and they will remove some threads first and leaving a bit right at the lip corner which will be remove totally on the 6th day.

Here is how the smile surgery looks like after they remove most of the threads:

3 days after surgery.
Swelling & Bruising 3 days after smile lift surgery

So there is some swelling and bruising 3 days after the surgery, they gave me some tapes and told me to switch the tapes everyday. They also told me that during the time I eat, be careful not to open your mouth too big, perfer eating things in liquid instead of doing lots of chewing. So I made congee at home, and I keep having yougurt, congee and milk for  the rest 5 days after the surgery. Until all my threads are gone on the 6th day. After the clinic has took off all my threads, on the same night I am able to have some soild food such as rice, but I avoid eating something chewing because the clinic told me within’ 2 weeks after the surgery, you are not suspose to open your mouth wide and do too much chewing. So I try to have something like noodles and pastas which is easy to chew, try avoiding steaks which is chewing.

So here it is how it looks like a week after the surgery:

1 week after surgery
the right side of my lip corner contains a bit of marks but its very light
one week after smile surgery
the right side of my lips has even lighten marks and un-noticeable.


You can still see some marks on my right side of the lip corner, the marks on the right side is really light, because the right side of my lip corner is lower so they need to lifts it higher than the left side. Now lookinging at the pictures, when I smile, my lips are even on both sides. and it looks more curvy compares to before. I am really happy of the result, it makes more looking more sweet when I smile.

Here is it how it looks like 3 weeks after the korea smile lipt surgery, after I put make ups on:


Looks pretty nature after all, I am really happy with the result. This surgery has the magical effects that you don’t look like you had a surgery, but you look happier. Actually thats what my friend told me, nobodies can tell I did something, but my face looks more friendly and comfortable. I guess this is the great part of the surgery, until doing your eyes and nose, people can tell easily, but the smile lift surgery is unnoticable, but you look much prettier after. So over all rating, its worth it.


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