Hycoox Crystal 9 Pin Multi Needle for derma shine injector, EZ mesotherapy gun

During mesotherapy treatment, injection gun is much easier and faster to inject skin boosters into the skin dermis layer. By having suction during injection, skin can be suck towards the needle, so this ensure the products you inject into your skin does not come out from the wound, it make sures everything injects into the skin dermis layer. Transactional mesotherapy treatment takes a lot of time because professional need to inject each dose by dose to the patient, the whole face takes up to over 100 spots. It is very hard to control the depth and the amount of skin boosters to inject evenly in each dose. By making the whole treatment faster and easier, injectiors with suction is the best for mesotherapy treatment. There are brands such as Derma Shiner injector, Ice shot injector, Hycoox injector and many other mores. Injection gun such as EZ injection gun, MJ injection gun, Mesofill injection gun could be another choice. These devices both have something in common, which is the needles, they do not use single pin needles like syringe does, 9 pin needles are designed for injectors with suction.

hycoox 9 pin multi needle
hycoox 9 pin multi needle

These Hycoox 9 pin crystal multi needles are made for Hycoox suction injector. It also fits any other suction injectors such as Ice shot, Mooface, Derma Shine, Mesotherapy Guns and any other suction devices with suction tubes outside of the injection gun. It came with an air intake hole on top of the needle to prevent injecting product entering into the hole. These needle are 32G, they are thin enough to reduce the painful feeling during injection. The depth is fixed to 1.2mm for skinboosters injection.

crystal multi needle 9 pin
crystal multi needle 9 pin

Crystal 9 pin multiple needles are packed with 20 pcs in a box, the depth is 1.5mm, and the size is 32G.

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Things to know About Hyaldew Dermal Fillers

Anybody looking to Buy Hyaldew online for their cosmetic needs, is certain to be loaded for options at fillers. Basically, dermal fillers feature a huge range of famous products to treat various requirements, from nasolabial folds to deep wrinkles and fine lines. Dermal fillers are like small gel filled injections, usually created of hylauronic acid, that fill up the wrinkles and add amount to soft tissue. You can have these in various areas of your face like – jawline, mouth, cheeks, around the eye, and lip fillers governed straight to the lip tissue.

The best solution for smoothing out wrinkles around your eye is Hyaluronic Acid (animal free) in the form of a secure biodegradable gel. Knowing it is totally secure without any surgery to reduce the wrinkles is the best solution to every person’s needs.

buy hyaldew online
buy hyaldew online


Are there any side effects to dermal fillers?
Usually people get confused and do not differentiate among side effects and reactions, hence its vital to know what are the expected side effects of dermal fillers. Momentary side effects – those that are totally common after facial injections can consist of tenderness, redness, swelling, etc. It’s totally normal to undergo a bit of bruising, redness, and discomfort after the process. Reactions usually take place right after the needle injection plus they can comprise: tenderness, bruising, itching, pain, swelling, and redness at the injected area. All these reactions are usually mild to moderate plus they normally vanished soon after the injection. Also they are resolved after a few days.

What are the various types of dermal fillers?
As we already mentioned that the most ordinary type of dermal filler is hyaluronic acid – the organic component located in several parts of the body like skin, joints, eyeballs, that can bear 1000 times its weight in water. This type of fillers aids to sustain shape, balance out depressions into the skin and supply the hydration. Ellanse or PCl (Poly-Caprolactone) is famous filler that works as a collagen stimulator. After injecting in considered area of the face, it activates the natural response of the body to generate collagen, which gives you with a permanent like result.

From where to get Hyaldew dermal fillers?
The very first and important thing that you should know is that you should not think about having any type of injectable treatment at salon or spa. For some strange reason, we cannot suggest who is capable to inject dermal fillers into someone’s facial skin – however – you have to be a professional doctor to do the treatment. As explained by the professionals: the face has a number of primary sensitive structures, for instance, eyes, vessels and nerves when treating wrinkles. If the individual performing fillers is not careful and untrained, there is the good chances of damage, artery occlusion, infection causing scarring and tissue death.

Therefore, it’s vital to Buy Hyaldew online from a reputed website and consult a registered doctor who knows the structure of the face as well as understands the areas to avoid.

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What is Vline A solution lipolysis? How to spot fake product?

What is Vline A solution lipolysis?

Lipolysis is basically a cosmetic process that breaks down lipids or fats within the body to eliminate useless fat tissue deposits. It can be done with the use of ultrasound, microinjections, radio frequency, laser, and extremely cold temperature. It aids to get the desired body shape in patients because it is efficient in eliminating wilful fat deposits in buttocks, hips, stomach, and thighs among others.

Who should go through Lipolysis and what are the Expected Results

Though lipolysis aids to eliminate surplus fat deposits within the body, it is not given as an option to liposuction particularly as a treatment of obesity. vline lipolysis treatment is best for those who wish to eliminate a smaller quantity of fat deposits in specific areas of their bodies. To be eligible for the treatment, you just need to be healthy as well as fit and have useless bulges in separate body parts like back, hips and waist. Normally, these bulges are usually referred to as bra bulges, muffin tops, and love handles.

It’s good to make a note that there are many aspects that are contraindications for the procedure of lipolysis. These comprise the existence of ailments like hypertension and diabetes, pregnancy, the existence of malignant cells, allergies plus other sicknesses.

Vline A Solution Lipolysis
Vline A Solution Lipolysis new package

Since lipolysis is said to be a non-invasive process, it’s simple and secure however needs multiple sessions to get the wanted fallout. Patients report a great level of contentment with the final outcome, which usually become evident after several months or weeks. The majority of patients also notice better skin tone and tightening in body parts where lipolysis was performed, which adds to the complete pleasure of the process. With the assistance of proper work out and diet, the decrease in fat tissue within the body could be long lasting. Patients can get back to their normal routine almost immediately after having the process done.

vline a solution fake
Vline a solution old packages from 2015 to 2018, all these packages are discontinused, BR pharm stop producing these packages anymore since 2018, they are susposed to be out of the market.


vline a solution genuine
Vline a solution lipolysis new red package since mid 2018 until now.


However, even changing to new red package with a serial code on every single package can not help to get rip of counterfeits, imaging selling over 30000 boxes just in China market every month, Counterfeit makers will do anything to share this market. Here are the tips on how to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake Vline A solution in the latest red package.

vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution genuine and fake tip 1, check the stickers on the box.


vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution lipolysis genuine and fake tip 2, when you scan the code, it goes to a product authentication web site, the fake one will links to a low quality page.



Vline a solution lipolysis authentic fake
Vline a solution lipolysis authentic and fake tip 3, the red box has been changed the bottles to transparent design in early 2019. From early 2018 to end of 2018, the bottles of the new red package was in silver sticker bottles like the right, BR pharm has changed to transparent  bottles with lot number and expiry date on the bottom.
vline a solution
Every single vline a solution lipolysis came with a serial code, the old purple package is no longer produced, the new package is in red with one single serial code on every single box. Make sure you buy the right product, there are too many fake products that is produced in China.

Read our post to how to spot fake Vline A solution that is made in China. 

V Line A solution combines phosphatidylcholine & L-Carnitine together to maximize the result. It dissolves fat and removes cellulite, also it gives elasticity to the skin by generating collagen for lifting effect.

vline a solution lipolysis
vline a solution lipolysis

How do you compare lipolysis to other fat removal processes?


·         There is a less chances of disease to the treated portion of the body.

·         There is a less risk of scarring.

·         The recovery time is smaller than with some other treatment options. You can normally get back to your normal routines after about a week.

Lipolysis makes use of lasers to split fat cells apart, decreasing the amount of fatty tissues. This procedure is also helpful to tighten the skin in the treated area where the treatment is done. You may discover that your skin gets tighter and smoother than before. On the whole, vline lipolysis provides similar advantages to other fat removal processes. The lasers employed in this process are secure for medical application and do not pose a great risk of burning out your skin. Well, there is a small risk of illness to the treated portion of the body, and scarring is negligible. However it does have a few benefits over aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction. Lipolysis can be performed in your medial advisor’s office. Also, there is a smaller period of recovery. Typically, you can start again your regular activities after a few days.


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I-Run HIFU Skin Tightening Device | Korean HIFU Anti-Aging Machine

I-Run HIFU Skin Tightening Device | Korean HIFU Anti-Aging Machine

iRUN is effective for wrinkle care, collagen synthesis and elastin generation by HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) which can deliver heating energy to SMAS layer (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm Below). Also effective for burning saturated fat between 10mm ~ 20mm below of epidermis.

Semi-permanent use of cartridges help you save money.

iRUN ( Intensity Rubbing Ultrasound Needle) is effective for lifting and it prevents wrinkles. It is a HIFU device of the second generation, which has semi-permanent effect. It can be used in 200hours for 1200people. In addition, it is used through rubbing so the user can control it easily and it is less painful.

iRUN feature

iRUN is effective for wrinkle care, collagen synthesis and elastin generation by HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) which can deliver heating energy to SMAS layer (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm Below). Also effective for burning saturated fat between 10mm ~ 20mm below of epidermis.

What is SMAS? SMAS is an abbreviation for the Submuscular Aponeurotic System. The SMAS is a layer of tissue which covers the deeper structures of the cheek area and is linked to the superficial muscle covering the lower face and neck, called the platysma. It is within’ 4.5MM from the surface of our skin.

It can be closely contacted to a three-dimensional surface for a precise operation. The device and hand piece are much lighter than regular cartridge shooting devices.
Semi-permanent use of cartridges help you save money.
No recovery time needed  and you can see the immediate effects

Ultrasonic wave Variety

Acrylic Plate test

Use iRUN before & after


Before & After Pictures

차이점 – 기존 카트리지식은 직사각형으로 되어 있음

– 굴곡진 얼굴에 조사하는 것이 어려움

– 얼굴의 굴곡으로 인해 조사되지 않거나  중복될 가능성 있음

-피부관리사의 큰 집중 작업을 요함  (관리사의 피로도가 높음)

– IRUN은 프루브의 모양이 원형 이며 러빙방식임

– 러빙방식이기 때문에 고객에게 부담을 덜줌  (좀더 편안한 시술 환경 조성)

– 입체적인 얼굴에 프로브를 밀착시켜 정밀 조사가능

– 시술이 좀더 수월하며, 집중 케어 가능

Differences – The Cartridges is squared shape

–  It won’t fit on the areas with edges

–  It might be repeating shots on edges since some area

can’t be covered

–  The operator must be highly focus, will easily get tried

– The Cartridges is round shape, easy to work on edges

– The Cartridges massage the patient’s face when operating

– It could work on the whole face even jawlines easily

– Easy to operate

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DeneB Body Fillers | Body Fillers for buttocks, breast argumentation

DeneB Body Fillers | Body Fillers buttocks injections

The hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, active ingredient) of DeneB is a glucosamine consisting of disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine.

Treatment with DENEB® Classic-H / S is a non-surgical procedure. It is performed as an external patient and under local anesthesia. The result is visible immediately. After treatment, the patient can start working normally, or engage in their leisure activities. DENEB® Classic-H / S is implanted by means of an easy procedure and causes little or no bruising.

The effect achieved with DENEB® Classic-H / S lasts several months but depends on the type of skin and external factors performed. In many cases, an annual follow-up after the first treatment is sufficient. Market researches and surveys have shown that a large number of people would like to make small changes to their body and would like to adjust the shape of their body, in a natural and non-permanent way that does not require the use of implants, body fat or stem cells in a major surgery.

  • Name: DeneB Classic
  • Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid 20mg/mL
  • Lidocaine: 0.3% (optional)
  • Pachaging: 10cc * 1 syringe/box

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Korean VLine Lipodissolve Injection for Body fat melting lipolysis

Vline Lipodissolve Injection | Lipolysis Mesotherapy | Fat dissolving Treatment

Fat cells are spherical cells with its fatty content contained in a membrane – just like a water balloon. The lipodissolve injection is based on the natural polyene phosphatidylcholine, which is mixed with a certain formulation and directly injected to subcutaneous fat deposits.  Lipid is the main content of the cell membrane and when it touches the lipodissolve ingredients, it bursts – like popping a water balloon. The injection will damage the cell membrane of adipocytes, thus rendering the necrosis of adipocytes, followed by automatic emulsification and lysis. Then they will be excreted into the lymph circulation and metabolized outside the human body by the liver.

VLine Lipolysis Injection for Body
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VLine Lipodissolve Injection for Body

 New product

V Line-A Solution is manufactored by BR Pharm in South Korea.

1 box/ 3 vials / 30ML x 3

Ingredient : Soy Isoflavone Ferment. Visnadine, L-Carnitine, Escin, Theophyline
V Line A solution combines phosphatidylcholine & L-Carnitine together to maximize the result. It dissolves fat and removes cellulite, also it gives elasticity to the skin by generating collagen for lifting effect.
  • Anti-cellulite

Isoflavone extracts inhibit Adipocyte proliferation

  • Metabolism activation

L-carnitine delivers fatty acids to Mitochondria & activates TCA-Cycle

Fat cell dissolving process

Fat Dissolving Process

Decompose the adipocytes by injection into the desired site and remove them by lymphatic drainage or by gall bladder and urine.

Post-treatment Adipocyte dissolving

Reduces the active ingredient in the subcutaneous fat layer and boost up Adipocyte dissolving

Lipodissolve Injection before after

There are numerous medications that are known to shrink and destroy the fat cells – PPC (phosphatidylcholine) is one of the well known ingredients and it is found in soya bean plant.  Unfortunately, PPC alone is usually insufficient in obtaining the desired result. L-carnitine is recognized as weight management supplement since 1980. It burns fat and it is proven by academic research.  Fats enter the cell mitochondria to burn, but fat cells can’t enter the mitochondria without L-carnitine. Fat burning is difficult  in the absence of L-carnitine. For this reason, V-Line A Solution came with mixture of L-carnitine and that have shown to be effective in fat reduction is used to maximise the result. Algae extracts are also added into VLine A Solution to help improve fine lines on skin, and it helps to keeping the skin firm even after fat dissolved.


Once a week, 3 to 4 treatments in a month. Injected into fat layers. Can’t be use around eyes.

Dose: 0.5cc~1cc interval, 30cc maximum in one day.

Lipodissolve dose

lipolysis treatment area

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