Ice Shot Injector_Derma Shine Aspirator_ICE SHOT水光机_Skinboosters Injector

Ice Shot Injector_Derma Shine Aspirator_ICE SHOT水光机_Skinboosters Injector

Ice Shot Skinboosters Injector is an innovative skin boosters injector system (with Suction Screw Multi Needle) utilizing Ice Shot Aspirator. ICESHOT is the third generation Korean made first hyaluronic injector equipped with cooling handpiece that has RED light function and It has Ice anesthesia that functions and promotes skin reproduction. Its own Suction Screw Multi needle consisting of 9 needles is easily injected to the firm inject-sites. Ice Shot Aspirator makes inject-sites firm by pulling it upward.  This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast. If you inject hyaluronic after (-15)Ice anesthesia on the target area, the pain will be reduced and the patient will also feel relaxed. In addition to this, after injecting Ice massage and emitting 640mn RED light on the skin, the swelling subsides and recovers.

Ice Shot水光机跟市面上同类型仪器相比,带有全自动负压模式,可以吸起皮肤再自动把水光玻尿酸注入皮肤真皮层,不漏药,注射平均,速度大大加快。也可以调手动模式注射,方便客户选择。ICE SHOT水光仪将麻醉,再生,镇定何为一体的红光冷敷仪结合在ICESHOT 水光仪上。再要进行注射的部位用-15°冷敷仪探头冰敷麻醉后,在进行注射,可以缓解客户的痛感和恐惧感。注射结束之后,再用冷敷仪探头的红光照射进行再生修复,同时减少术后红肿,镇定皮肤等功效。


  • 水光注射 Skinboosters Injection

Skinboosters treatment directly injects hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer of the skin, making the skin stays elastic and moist. It also effective for reducing pores, lightening and even skin tone along with reduction of wrinkles.


iceshot injector

  • 智能负压手把 Smart auto suction Aspirator


Compatible with various brands of needles, easy to use by the simple setting for everybody. High-end automatic injection functions with the contact recognition sensors without using button switch. The massage function allows perfect absorption of the drug without any loss. The handle can be dispatched with the machine, by charging the handle with a charger, you can use it during trips with no suction injection mode.

Ice Shot Aspirator
Ice Shot Aspirator


  • 冷凝仪 Sanitary Cap

Hygienic treatment is possible by covering the hand piece with a sanitary cap.


ice shot injection machine


  • 冰麻+LED   ICE Anesthesia+ LED

可以术前冰麻并且助于帮助减少疼痛,红斑,热感以及快速恢复伤口,淤青和肿胀。 手把上的LED红光助于治疗伤口,促进细胞再生,改善老化以及皮肤镇定。

Ice Anesthesia enables relive pain, redness and heating sensation during the procedure. The LED red light on the hand piece helps heal wounds, regenerate cells and calm swollen skin.

ice anesthesia

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