Hycoox Crystal 9 Pin Multi Needle for derma shine injector, EZ mesotherapy gun

hycoox multi needle

During mesotherapy treatment, injection gun is much easier and faster to inject skin boosters into the skin dermis layer. By having suction during injection, skin can be suck towards the needle, so this ensure the products you inject into your skin does not come out from the wound, it make sures everything injects into the skin dermis layer. Transactional mesotherapy treatment takes a lot of time because professional need to inject each dose by dose to the patient, the whole face takes up to over 100 spots. It is very hard to control the depth and the amount of skin boosters to inject evenly in each dose. By making the whole treatment faster and easier, injectiors with suction is the best for mesotherapy treatment. There are brands such as Derma Shiner injector, Ice shot injector, Hycoox injector and many other mores. Injection gun such as EZ injection gun, MJ injection gun, Mesofill injection gun could be another choice. These devices both have something in common, which is the needles, they do not use single pin needles like syringe does, 9 pin needles are designed for injectors with suction.

hycoox 9 pin multi needle
hycoox 9 pin multi needle

These Hycoox 9 pin crystal multi needles are made for Hycoox suction injector. It also fits any other suction injectors such as Ice shot, Mooface, Derma Shine, Mesotherapy Guns and any other suction devices with suction tubes outside of the injection gun. It came with an air intake hole on top of the needle to prevent injecting product entering into the hole. These needle are 32G, they are thin enough to reduce the painful feeling during injection. The depth is fixed to 1.2mm for skinboosters injection.

crystal multi needle 9 pin
crystal multi needle 9 pin

Crystal 9 pin multiple needles are packed with 20 pcs in a box, the depth is 1.5mm, and the size is 32G.

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