How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

Vline A solution essence lipolysis injection is made by BR Pharm in Korea, it is the first lipolysis injection cocktail that is in the market since 2015. Unlike other ppc injection that you have to mix your own cocktail, Vline A solution is a ready to use cocktail. Vline A solution already mixed with soy isoflavone ferments, carnitine, visnadine, escin and BR special compounds to maximize the lipolysis activation. Since Vline A solution lipolysis is the one and only brand in the market that does not cause swelling, and it is less pain during injection, so it became a big hit in the whole Asia Market back since 2015 up until now. Vline A solution lipolysis has been selling over 30000 boxes every month just in China market, it is also very popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Russia. Also it has been in the South America market since 2018.

vline a solution essence package change
vline a solution essence package change

BR pharm has been keep changing packages of V line A solution to get rid of counterfeit products in the Market

Since Vline A solution is selling a lot in China every month, the Chinese Counterfeit manufactory is starting to produce counterfeits of Vline A solution back in late 2015. It’s not a news that chinese counterfeits products are in the market, many popular Korean brands such as Botulax, Meditoxin, Nabota, Dermalax, Neuramis, Yvoire are victims of chinese counterfeits. Vline A solution is the only lipolysis that has chinese counterfeits due to its popularity. Vline A solution first came with a simple white package, which is easy to counterfeit. The first counterfeit appears in late 2015 with the white package. BR Pharm then decided to change its package due to counterfeits. BR Pharm decided to change to a more fancy purple package that is not as easy to make counterfeits in early 2016. The purple package replaced the old white package in the market since mid 2016. However even changing to purple package can not help much, the counterfeits of the purple Vline A solution has appears in the market in 2017. In 2017, BR Pharm has descide to open a sub company in Shanghai, China. Vline A solution was only KFDA approval, it did not came with CFDA approval, BR pharm start to apply for CFDA approval since 2017, and they designed a new package for getting the CFDA approval. After a full year, in early 2018, Vline A solution finally grant approval of CFDA in China, so BR pharm decided to change their package to red, with every unique serial code on every single box of Vline A solution lipolysis.

vline a solution fake
Vline a solution old packages from 2015 to 2018, all these packages are discontinused, BR pharm stop producing these packages anymore since 2018, they are susposed to be out of the market.


vline a solution genuine
Vline a solution lipolysis new red package since mid 2018 until now.


However, even changing to new red package with a serial code on every single package can not help to get rip of counterfeits, imaging selling over 30000 boxes just in China market every month, Counterfeit makers will do anything to share this market. Here are the tips on how to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake Vline A solution in the latest red package.

vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution genuine and fake tip 1, check the stickers on the box.


vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution lipolysis genuine and fake tip 2, when you scan the code, it goes to a product authentication web site, the fake one will links to a low quality page.



Vline a solution lipolysis authentic fake
Vline a solution lipolysis authentic and fake tip 3, the red box has been changed the bottles to transparent design in early 2019. From early 2018 to end of 2018, the bottles of the new red package was in silver sticker bottles like the right, BR pharm has changed to transparent  bottles with lot number and expiry date on the bottom.

Always buy your Vline A solution shipping from Korea, this is the best way to avoid getting fake ones, Vline A solution is a trade mark in Korea, Korean law are very strict when it comes to counterfeits,  so there are no counterfeits in Korean market. Always buy your korean beauty products direct from Korea to avoid counterfeits.  Vline A solution is the most popular lipolysis in the market, the result is amazing, thats why it sells over 30000 boxes to China every month, and this is why Vline A solution is the only lipolysis brand that became the victim of Chinese counterfeits.

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I-Run HIFU Skin Tightening Device | Korean HIFU Anti-Aging Machine

I-Run HIFU Skin Tightening Device | Korean HIFU Anti-Aging Machine

iRUN is effective for wrinkle care, collagen synthesis and elastin generation by HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) which can deliver heating energy to SMAS layer (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm Below). Also effective for burning saturated fat between 10mm ~ 20mm below of epidermis.

Semi-permanent use of cartridges help you save money.

iRUN ( Intensity Rubbing Ultrasound Needle) is effective for lifting and it prevents wrinkles. It is a HIFU device of the second generation, which has semi-permanent effect. It can be used in 200hours for 1200people. In addition, it is used through rubbing so the user can control it easily and it is less painful.

iRUN feature

iRUN is effective for wrinkle care, collagen synthesis and elastin generation by HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) which can deliver heating energy to SMAS layer (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm Below). Also effective for burning saturated fat between 10mm ~ 20mm below of epidermis.

What is SMAS? SMAS is an abbreviation for the Submuscular Aponeurotic System. The SMAS is a layer of tissue which covers the deeper structures of the cheek area and is linked to the superficial muscle covering the lower face and neck, called the platysma. It is within’ 4.5MM from the surface of our skin.

It can be closely contacted to a three-dimensional surface for a precise operation. The device and hand piece are much lighter than regular cartridge shooting devices.
Semi-permanent use of cartridges help you save money.
No recovery time needed  and you can see the immediate effects

Ultrasonic wave Variety

Acrylic Plate test

Use iRUN before & after


Before & After Pictures

차이점 – 기존 카트리지식은 직사각형으로 되어 있음

– 굴곡진 얼굴에 조사하는 것이 어려움

– 얼굴의 굴곡으로 인해 조사되지 않거나  중복될 가능성 있음

-피부관리사의 큰 집중 작업을 요함  (관리사의 피로도가 높음)

– IRUN은 프루브의 모양이 원형 이며 러빙방식임

– 러빙방식이기 때문에 고객에게 부담을 덜줌  (좀더 편안한 시술 환경 조성)

– 입체적인 얼굴에 프로브를 밀착시켜 정밀 조사가능

– 시술이 좀더 수월하며, 집중 케어 가능

Differences – The Cartridges is squared shape

–  It won’t fit on the areas with edges

–  It might be repeating shots on edges since some area

can’t be covered

–  The operator must be highly focus, will easily get tried

– The Cartridges is round shape, easy to work on edges

– The Cartridges massage the patient’s face when operating

– It could work on the whole face even jawlines easily

– Easy to operate

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DeneB Body Fillers | Body Fillers for buttocks, breast argumentation

DeneB Body Fillers | Body Fillers buttocks injections

The hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, active ingredient) of DeneB is a glucosamine consisting of disaccharide units of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine.

Treatment with DENEB® Classic-H / S is a non-surgical procedure. It is performed as an external patient and under local anesthesia. The result is visible immediately. After treatment, the patient can start working normally, or engage in their leisure activities. DENEB® Classic-H / S is implanted by means of an easy procedure and causes little or no bruising.

The effect achieved with DENEB® Classic-H / S lasts several months but depends on the type of skin and external factors performed. In many cases, an annual follow-up after the first treatment is sufficient. Market researches and surveys have shown that a large number of people would like to make small changes to their body and would like to adjust the shape of their body, in a natural and non-permanent way that does not require the use of implants, body fat or stem cells in a major surgery.

  • Name: DeneB Classic
  • Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid 20mg/mL
  • Lidocaine: 0.3% (optional)
  • Pachaging: 10cc * 1 syringe/box

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Mesotherapy Treatments for skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy Treatments | Mesotherapy Products | Aqua Lifting Injection

Cosmetic procedures have undergone a huge revolution in the last few years, thanks to the advancement of science and technology. Mesotherapy is one such cosmetic procedure that has been used in the last few years for many types of skin treatments. In this article, we are going to see about the basics of mesotherapy Treatments and how it is used for skin rejuvenation.

What is mesotherapy treatment and how does it work for facial rejuvenation?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that was first used to reduce excess body weight. We also called it Lipodissolve Mesotherapy treatment. Injections filled with FDA approved medicines, and other nutrients were injected into the patient’s body to reduce problems like excess body weight and cellulite. We also called it fat dissolving treatment or Lipolysis Injection. Gradually, the process was also used to make one’s skin tighter and younger than before, by rejuvenating the areas around one’s face and neck.

Old age, heredity issues, stress and other factors lead to our skin becoming saggy and wrinkled. Yes, there are lots of facial creams and packs available, but they are only temporary quick-fixes. If you are looking for a treatment that restores the vitality and glow in your skin, mesotherapy is one of the best treatments for you. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the main ingredients that keep the skin young and fresh always. In the mesotherapy treatment, injections filled with Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters are injected into the skin on the face/neck. As a result, it results in the increased elasticity of one’s skin, keeping the skin around the face and neck as rejuvenated as possible.

Types of products used for mesotherapy to bring about facial rejuvenation

Mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation is mainly done for the following reasons:

  • To make skin looking young and bright
  • To keep skin moisture
  • To reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and other ageing symptoms
  • To reduce skin sagging and make skin look firm and tight


1. Hyaluronic Acid (Main Component)

Hyaluronic Acid has amazing water-binding ability that absorbs and stores the moisture of 1,000 times of the weight of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin. It plays an important role in preserving storing as well as spreading nutrients to the skin. Thus, Hyaluronic Acid is an essential ingredient for moisturizing, hydrating, and radiant glowing skin.

2. Adenylic Acid  (Added Component to Hyaluronic Acid)

Adenylic Acid is a peptide compound that is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles on the face, especially around the eyes and mouth; they usually form because of repeated facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, or furrowing the brow in deep concentration of frustration. Adenylic Acid acts a powerful anti-aging agent that works by causing facial muscles to relax, minimizing, fading crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.
3. Botox (Added Component to Hyaluronic Acid)
Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines. It could be dilute with more saline and mix with Hyaluronic Acid, be careful with the amount, too much can cause your facial expression to look stiff.
4. Glutathione (Added Component to Hyaluronic Acid)
Glutathione is often know as Body’s Master Anti-Oxidant. It composted of three amino acids – cysteine, glycine, and glutamate. Glutathione excels in prevent as well as suppress the melanin pigments. It has an excellent effect of whitening and this explain why Glutathione is effectively used to treat dull complexion, uneven skin tone, and acne scars. In addition, Glutathione also known by its self-repairing ability of restoring the damaged cells by ultraviolet rays, the antioxidant effect of skin aging, and the effect of reducing acne.
5. EGF (Added Component to Hyaluronic Acid)
EGF encourages collagen production and stimulates elastin fibroblasts for youthful, radiant and glowing complexion. Research shows that it plays an important role in repairing wounds and improving skin conditions.
6. PDRN ( Can be inject alone or can be added Component to Hyaluronic Acid)
PDRN produces significant tissue improvement and consistency throughout the treatment period. PDRN was first deployed as a tissue repairing compound in Italy after approved PDRN in 2008 due to its special ability to accelerate recovery after skin grafts. PDRN can be use with mesotherapy processes because it can stimulate the metabolic activity of cells in the skin to regenerate collagen, glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteinswound.  PDRN stimulate wound recovery through antigenesis enhancement and boost rates of growth in fibroblasts. Which means PDRN can awaken tired aged cells to act younger and get to work again. PDRN Mesotherapy makes a significant improvement in skin elasticity, texture and hydration. PDRN injection is a rejuvenating skin treatment made of biological molecules called Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). A PDRN molecule is a polymer consisting of 13 or more deoxyribonucleotide monomers. A nucleotide is a monomer building blocks found in DNA or RNA and Deoxyribonucleotide is a nucleotide built from deoxyribose sugars.The DNA extract is obtained from the testis of salmon, then fragmented into PDRN.
How does the mesotherapy treatment works?
The entire process involves four sessions that are conducted every once a month. In all these sessions, injections filled with hyaluronic acid and other vital nutrients are injected very carefully into the mesoderm, the layer which is found beneath the skin. The ingredients that are injected into the skin may slightly vary based on the nature of the patient’s skin, the severity of sagging problems and the like.

During the first session, an equal mixture of hyaluronic acid,  and mesolift cocktail (Adenylic Acid, Botox, Glutathione, PDRN, EGF, etc depends on the result patient wanna acheive) is injected into the mesoderm. Injections containing these ingredients are then repeated every month based on the patient’s skin type and severity of the condition. During a session, a patient may receive one or multiple injections based on the number of nutrients his/her skin needs. For optimum results, it is highly recommended that patients repeat the treatment every two months. Every session takes about 30 minutes to get over.


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一位法国医生Michael Pistor在1952年的时候就提出了“中胚层疗法”的建议,结论就是营养成分在中胚层吸收率比皮肤表皮涂抹的6000倍以上。中胚层介于表皮层与真皮层之间,是皮肤吸收外用营养成分的关键,所以韩国医学界开始引以为用,





hyaluronic acid skin booster

先来说说透明质酸,严格来说,应称其为“增湿剂”更确切。表皮是皮肤最外层的保护屏障,通常其含水量为20%~35%。 伴随着衰老,透明质酸在皮肤中的含量也随之减少,从而出现皮肤细纹,失去弹性。通过导入和涂抹适量的透明质酸,可以增强皮肤弹性、保持水润,恢复年轻。皮肤在25岁后开始老化,透明质酸的含量会随着年龄的增加而减少,到了60岁后开始老化,透明质酸的含量会随着年龄的增加而减少,到了60岁透明质酸含量仅有婴儿期的1/4,透明质酸少了,皮肤含水量也会下降,从而使皮肤变得干燥,无光泽,



透明质酸有很多种,用于医疗作用的没有铰链成分的玻尿酸,通常用于骨科的关节治疗,由于分子与分子之间没有铰链,到达真皮层的话很容易被身体吸收代谢,基本上一两个星期就完全代谢完毕,这类型的透明质酸属于第一代水光产品,例如海珠,东国,日本天倍等同类型的关节润滑剂。 第二代水光产品是有双铰链成分的水光产品,使用的是填充类玻尿酸的铰链技术,一味去增加浓稠度去让透明质酸维持的时间更长久,这类型的水光产品比填充类的小分子玻尿酸分子更为细一点,但是浓稠度太高而导致导入困难,甚至导入皮肤后会产生鼓包与不适等等很多技术上的问题存在,求美者也需要好几天的时间去恢复。








传统的水光使用肉毒素混合做浅层导入,能起到提升和去除细小皱纹的作用,但同时如果肉毒素过量会导致脸部表情僵硬,硅胶脸的副作用。目前最新的技术都是使用腺苷酸去代替旧有的肉毒杆菌。腺苷酸是一种遍布人体细胞的内源性核苷,可直接进入心肌经磷酸化生成腺苷酸,参与心肌能量代谢,同时还参与扩张 冠脉血管,增加血流量。腺苷对心血管系统和肌体的许多其它系 统及组织均有生理作用。腺苷是用于合成三磷酸腺苷(ATP)、腺 嘌呤、腺苷酸、阿糖腺苷的重要中间体。在水光中加入腺苷酸,能起到活化皮肤细胞的作用,生命的新陈代谢活动是许多生物化学反应的综合结果,要使皮肤抗衰防老,往往是多种生理活性物质的协同作用。对于收细毛孔、减淡细纹、回复光滑紧致、提升轮廓,腺苷酸起到明显的效果,从而代替引发表情僵硬的肉毒素提升祛皱效果。



韩国水光针 | 感铭水光 | 韩国第四代水光


Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters 感铭水光以独有的纳网铰链技术为基础,添加了谷胱甘肽和腺苷酸。多铰链纳米分子构造提高了水光的维持性,并添加的美白和去皱成分显示出最佳效果。 感铭水光使⽤了适合与皮肤构造的纳网多铰链技术,又在多铰链基础上添加了祛皱和美白成分,也意味着是市场上独⼀无二的⾼端水光,所以感铭可称为第四代新概念水光,唯一不需要混合其他产品从而达到保湿,美白,抗皱,收缩毛孔等多功能功效。



肤色暗淡 / 弹力下降/皮肤干燥 /需要保湿/毛孔粗大/ 面试等出席公众场合前 

一盒 / 5支 / 3ml




肤色暗淡 / 弹力下降/皮肤干燥 /需要保湿/毛孔粗大/ 面试等出席公众场合前 

一盒 / 3支 / 3ml



[ Ingredient ] 


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Hebe International skin care Unlicensed cosmetic injection that ruins victim’s face

Hebe International skin care Unlicensed cosmetic injection that ruins victim’s face

Latest updated: Hebe International has shut down their china company in Aug, 2020, they are facing a law suit by their franchisee due to franchise contract dispute. Hebe International skin care also got punishment by Shanghai regulation office due to price fraud. I share this information from the victim, since they can shut down their business easily due to one single law suit by the franchisee, need to be very careful to deal with them, now the victim is in a very bad situation because the company they filed law suit with has been shut down before the trail.
hebe international skin care center price fraud
hebe international skin care center price fraud punishment statement from Shanghai regulation office
hebe international skin care center law suit
hebe international skin care center suit by their franchisee due to franchise contract dispute
Zhao just start this bogus company in March 2019 and it got shut down in 2020. This is his so called “Korean skin care” company, all the stake holders are Chinese. Zhao then sign up for another company at Dec. 2019, and it’s already became abnormal operations status after a few months. This is a huge warning sign of fraud. A legalized company will not operate for only one year and start another company with no operating office.
hebe international skin care center
hebe international skin care center
hebe intl skincare center
hebe intl skincare center

hebe international skin care

All the information we posted here can be found on internet from other customers’ reviews, we actually contacted different victims who were cheated by Hebe International Skin care online and post their reviews for Hebe international skin care. We contacted the victim and had the victim’s permission to gather their reviews on Dianping to share their bad experiences.  We also gather reviews from victims who reported that they hired a korean man to pretend to be a korean docter to teach botox/filler injection training in Korea. However all these reviews can be found on by real victims. This Hebe International Skin care is own by a Chinese named Zhao from Henan, China. This report is to share victim’s experiences that this company is in fact run by a Chinese and using the reputation of Korea Beauty industrial to promote their no-license medical cosmetic procedures that harms.

Hebe International Skin care practiced in cosmetic medical procedures which ruining the victim’s face.
hebe intl skin care center ruin my face
hebe international skin care center ruin my face
Hebe International skin care
clips from videos -hebe international skin care Zhao ruin client’s face with no license cosmetic injection

Zhao’s rent a shop which is not a clinic in Seoul, however they does botox/filler injection training in that place. He does injecting botox privately, even when he is not a docter himself and has no qualification for injecting cosmetic injectable. We have collected videos and pictures of Zhao and his partner Lee S Hoon who is injecting korean botox and teaching cosmetic injection. For those who are interested in the photos and videos, please email us privately. Due to the fact that they are not professional and have no license to train their franchisees, so they ruin some victim’s face. Please go to a medical spa and have the procedures done by a professional. To protect yourself, check their license first before getting any cosmetic procedures done.

hebe intl skincare SCAM zhaochao
No license botox injection perform by Zhao from Hebe International Skincare Center
hebe international skin care
hebe international skin care no license medical injection training

Hebe International skin care Zhao not only provided no license medical cosmetic training, he also produced products that impersonated other trademarks such as fake whitening pills.  In 2017, there are a lot of people on wechat and instagram starts to sell a product named Crystal Tomato pills, so where does this brand came from? Crystal Tomato is a famous brand from Singapore, they are made in USA and only sold in clinics in Singapore. The famous Chinese celebrity GiGi Lai also sells this brand in her clinic in Hong Kong. So Crystal Tomato is getting popular in China since then, and there are a lot of people trying to buy them in Singapore and asking Singapore sellers to delivery to China. Since this brand is very reputable and been selling in Singapore for over 5 years, so it attracts a variety of China copiers who wanna make high profits in unscrupulous ways, Zhao from mainland China Henam, who is one of them. He tries to misleading Chinese thinks that MDS tomato is Crystal Tomato. He claimed that he has got the distributing rights for Crystal Tomato, and using Crystal Tomato product picture and videos to advertise in his own wechat moments, and once when customer gets the product, its actually called MDS tomato. The package looks similar, he told the customer that this is the Korean version of Crystal Tomato, because the import tax is very low in Korea from USA, so they can sell 1/3 of the price compares to Crystal Tomato, by misleading customers to think they are the same product and made of the same company Gromark. This is crytsal tomato site: , this company has been selling Crystal Tomato for years in Singapore, has nothing to do with MDS tomato, the ones Zhao claimed that he own the distributing rights from Gromark.

Authentic crystal tomato
Authentic crystal tomato
Authentic crystal tomato
Authentic crystal tomato
hebe international skin care selling fake
hebe international skin care selling copies of crystal tomato whitening pills

They copied Crystal Tomato’s website, to make another fake website, by changing the name Crystal Tomato to MDS tomato, still using Crystal Tomato pictures and even the company name Gromark, to misleading customers that these are the same product. This is from a statement that is released by Gromark:

These pills were claimed to have an effects that can be skin whitening. Most important, these pills are not FDA approval and not import properly to sell in these Hebe international skin care shops, they smuggling them to China to sell on wechat. However these pills are not FDA approval, not even CFDA approvals, they do not have any supplements licenses.

Statement in Chinese from Gromark about fake crystal tomato pills
hebe international skin care
hebe international skin care selling imitation Crystal Tomato


hebe international skin care sells fake
Hebe international skin care sells fake Crystal Tomato

Zhao is known of using such despicable tricks in this business, he used to produce fake Miracle Care set by spreading rumors of Miracle Care Authentic distributor.

He saw that the Miracle Care set became a big hit in the China market in Feb. 2018, then he starts to spread rumors on his wechat that Miracle Care is over priced, and the factory has release a new version of Miracle Care, which he knows the Chinese customers do not know this product very well because it is new, so he used Miracle Care customers review and advertisement pictures, and selling his one week production line of cheap price cosmetic that is sold in Gmarket. The so called “New Miracle Care Set” he was trying to misleading customers that they are the same products, they are not even from the same line, just randomly picking  4 bottles of cheap cosmetic and make it a new version of “Miracle Care set” to misleading customers that do not know much about the products.

Hebe international skin care produces counterfeit
Hebe international skin care produces counterfeit Miracle Care set


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Hycoox Injector | 韩国海库斯全自动负压水光机

Hycoox Injector | 韩国海库斯全自动负压水光机

hycoox injector
hycoox injector  HEBE赫铂皮肤管理卖假货

韩国Hycoox Injector海库斯水光仪器是最新,具有最尖端科学技术的医疗注射仪器。高颜值高科技感知负压自动注入系统,只要针头贴到皮肤上,即可自动注射的功能不需要按手动按键还是踩踏板,只要贴到皮肤上,负压和药物就会同时注入到皮肤里,从而大大降低了施术的时间。同时也提供踏板可做手动注射,喜欢手动注射的客户可以选择踩踏板手动注射。32G超细九针针头正确注射到适当的深度2mm,针头面积小,注射得更加均匀,鼻背等部位只要控制得当都不会漏药,可以进行精巧的注射。没有任何漏药,代表仪器拥有更精密性的功能可以灵活使用到水光注射,玻尿酸,肉毒,多种药水混合,减肥针等的注射当中。32G超细针头大大减少注射疼痛感。海库斯水光机可调节注射速度,可根据注射剂量调节每一下的注射量,压力感应自动注射系统,根据手术类型可设定并保存最佳注射参数,根据皮肤类型可调节负压强度,避免皮肤薄的客户因负压太大而导致红肿。





Hycoox Injector | 韩国海库斯全自动负压水光机
hycoox injector |海库斯水光机
Skinboosters before & after
Skinboosters before & after



① 感铭内 含腺苷酸 (动能素成分之一),谷光甘肽(白玉美白针主要成分),丝网技术铰链(韩国最新技术比双铰链技术更细腻的网状铰链,维持时间更久)一支比 任何一个产品兑VC+祛皱产品(如婴儿针orEGF)效果还要好,普通水光不管是多少量打进去的不如感铭的3毫升!

② 针头愈合力比其它任何一个产品快!含有 肉毒原成分 去皱&愈合功能突出!(同样的32G针头基础上)

③ NMC(纳米网眼铰链)补水能力和维持力比任何一个长!

④ 对改变肤色和改善肤色有极大的帮助。含有 谷胱甘肽 成分 ,用完三天后明显看到白一个度!

韩国感铭第四代水光 | glamour HA skin boosters
韩国感铭第四代水光 | glamour HA skin boosters

韩国感铭第四代水光 Glamour Skin boosters 打破老套想法的水光,从铰链方法开始铰链剂都是不一样的。NMC纳网铰链技术不仅提高了水光的效果,而且还添加了谷胱甘肽,腺苷酸和肽,三合一功效一次性解决补水,美白和去皱功能!是研究多年的技术根据皮肤的构造和要求定做的产品。全世界有上千种水光,从关节润滑剂到铰链水光到动能素,附加不相干的PDRN。这些产品都是因为没有效果而形成的产品。可见市场上的大多数产品都没有效果。那么从关节润滑剂开始慢慢分析水光,首先水光的打法是从关节润滑剂开始的,透明质酸是可以吸收很多水分,那么这种润滑剂深入到皮肤里会很快被人体吸收。可是透明质酸对于皮肤缺少的不是吸收而是维持。透明质酸的维持性跟不上就开始做以铰链的方式去提高维持率,这个方法是正确的选择。所谓的铰链在医药界这不是什么很陌生的技术。早在70~80年代德国最早开始使用该技术,但当时由于技术不成熟停了一段时间直到瑞典的一家公司稳定了市场。可是现在这类产品也很快被市场否认掉了, 就是因为没效果.那铰链没效果这些公司想到的方法就是提高浓稠度,可理解为双铰链。但是所谓的双铰链只是提高了浓稠度和铰链剂,在皮肤里有时会凹凸不平,类似于玻尿酸小分子。那么在看看动能素,其实动能素就是透明质酸兑了一些药品的在法国应该是做MTS的,因为对于欧美人她们的水光观念比亚洲低。PDRN当水光用更是荒唐,PDRN是鲑鱼的精巢里取出来的DNA跟人体细胞类似与95%以上,也就是说你打一百次PDRN你也补不了一次水!


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Skin Boosters HA injection before & after result | Injectable Skin Hydration

Skin Boosters HA injection before & after result | Injectable Skin Hydration

Glamour Hyaluronic Acid skinboosters collection can help to gradually improve your skin’s condition, increasing elasticity, reduce dark spots, lightening skin tone and reducing fine lines and imperfections. A refreshed look can be achieved with mesotherapy skinboosters treatment when using Glamour skin boosters.

Glamour HA Skinboosters

How Does It Work? How is it Different From Other skin booster?

Feel the difference in your skin within’ 15 days of Glamour skin boosters injection

If you are having aging skin, dryness, uneven skin tone and wrinkles problems, and wishing for skin with a smoothness and radiance looking, Glamour HA Skinboosters™ will make you feel great about your skin again.

After the first treatment, you will find that your skin will become smoother, more radiant, reduce wrinkles, and more elastic. The skin of your face, hands and neck can be improved.

After 3 to 5 treatments, you will feel a few years younger for your skin. If you keep having Glamour HA skin booster treatments every year, it could help to capture time and slow down the aging problems.

Glamour Skinboosters have been used by aesthetic physicians in Korea plastic surgery clinic and skin management shop.

  • The whole treatment are typically administered over the course of 3 sessions, once a month, after the first treatment, you will notice a huge difference for your skin.
  • Regular maintenance sessions (approximately every 3 months) occur as planned with your practitioner ensuring lasting results

The before/after photos shown below are the results of a 64 years old lady after one Glamour skin boosters injection treatment.
Within’ 15 days after the first mesotherapy treatment, skin appears to be more smooth, moisture, skin tone lighten and wrinkles  reduced.
The whole treatment starts with one or two syringes over the whole face, and inject once a month for 3 months in a roll.

skin boosters before and after
skin boosters before and after


Mesotherapy Aftercare is very important after skin boosters injection, glamour bio-cellulose repair mask and regeneration cream is necessary to use.

韩国感铭第四代水光 | glamour HA skin boosters
韩国感铭第四代水光 | glamour HA skin boosters



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中国传统的美容大多使用护肤品及按摩的手法进行,无法清理皮肤深层污垢,造成皮肤出现各种问题,并且项目过于繁杂,皮肤护理时间长,见效慢。而可莱尔整形医院LDM韩式皮肤管理有别于传统美容手法,它是一款安全无副作用的美容项目,引领国际前沿技术,能够通过先进的仪器、技巧性的手法、效果显著的治疗产品三者结合,深入皮肤里层,彻底清除皮肤表层和深层的污垢,减少皱纹、收缩毛孔、紧张肌肤、提亮肤色,让皮肤深层滋养,重新焕发青春活力,实现美丽蝶变的梦想! 市面上形形式式的皮肤管理培训主要是靠几种在国内市场热销的套盒去操作,并不可以真正解决皮肤问题,克莱尔整形外科LDM皮肤管理中心以治疗为目的的皮肤管理课程,让你学会如何操作医学换肤,利用皮肤管理的院线药物通过高科技仪器去治疗问题性皮肤,韩国整形医院独有的皮肤管理治疗,让你懂得如何诊断皮肤,如何根据不同皮肤去选择不同疗程,真正地做到有效治疗皮肤问题。

10:00~ 10:30 皮肤管理院长介绍皮肤组织的理解


基础仪器的理解 (冷热电泳综合仪理论及实操) 紧肤提升管理理论 (抗皱,紧肤提升基础管理) Laser Toning激光美白概论激光祛痘治疗


10:30~ 11:30 基础卫生管理基础摆放方法


敏感皮肤管理套餐 (超声波导入) 艺人弹力管理套餐 (雪花换肤管理套餐) 提问及答辩长一对一指导实操
11:30~ 12:00 皮肤诊断及顾客卡制成要领各类型皮肤诊断和对应治疗


美白管理套餐 (离子导入) 焕肤的理解 (焕肤的种类及功效理论) 韩版超声刀紧肤提升套餐 (HIFU 理论及实操)
12:00~ 13:00 旺店运营秘籍CS讲义实习


应急管理套餐 (冷敷/热敷 ,电穿孔导入) 有机农保湿焕肤套餐 (水光or 果酸焕肤) 水光注射套餐 (水光注射理论及实操)
13:00~ 14:00 午饭时间 午饭时间 午饭时间 午饭时间
14:00~ 15:00 提问及答辩 痤疮管理套餐 (水氧清洁(小气泡) +钻石焕肤理论) VIP 双重焕肤套餐 (AHA + BHA 双重焕肤) 体型管理套餐 (负压高周波理论及实操)
15:00~ 16:00 皮肤管理的基本操作(消毒,清洁,顺序,手法)


海绵管理, 化妆棉使用

痤疮类型的分辨及管理水氧清洁(小气泡)相互实操 免疫力强化套餐 PDT 光线+ 再生管理实操 (焕肤后再生管理, 家庭护理处方) 套餐的制成及活用CS 最终检查
16:00~ 17:00 黄金换肤,面膜以及安瓶使用手法与技巧 院长指导脸部基础管理实操 改善妊娠纹、生长纹 (伤疤/再生/美白/MTS+婴儿针)MTS 施术要领 理论测试评价
17:00~ 18:00 院长指导学员一对一练习 提问及答辩 院长指导一对一实操 提问及答辩毕业典礼
Date Time Schedule
Day 1 9:00 -22:00 -Arrived Incheon International Airport
-Arrived hotel
-Welcome party for new students
Day 2 10:00-13:00 -Professor introduction 
-Injection Theory
-Injection Method, Disinfection
-Facial Anatomy
-How to avoid and solve Complication
2:00 -18:00 -Introduction of fillers and its use
-Filler injection demonsrate 
-The use of Microcannula
-Filler brands and product introduction
-Dinner, free time
Day 3 9:00 -13:00 -Botox injection theory
-Botox admix
-Botox winkles removal,facial lifting
-Botox for body slimming
-Botox brands and product introduction
2:00 -18:00 -Whitening injection,Placenta injection,Sculptra injection
-Derma Shine injection,PDRN injection, MTS treatment
Day 4 10:00-13:00 -V-line Lipo Dissolve injection for face
-PPC injection for body
-Product brands and product introduction
2:00 -18:00 -Tread lifting, misko tread rhinoplasty
-Ultherapy treatment 
Day 5 10:00-13:00 -Product usage guidelines
-Equipment usage guidelines
2:00 -18:00 -Graduation -Photos with Professor Han and Certificate Issue
-Goodbye party
Day 6 10:00-18:00  -Transportation to airport


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Korea Clair Plastic Surgery Clinic_Jung Woo Chel fat Grafting

Korea_Clair Plastic Surgery Clinic_Jung Woo Chel fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a popular surgery iin Korea for looking youthful, it is called autologous fat transfer, is could be use as fillers for the face, to adding volume and contour to the face, it is also emerging as a new breast reconstruction technique. In fat grafting, fat tissue is removed from other parts of your body — usually your thighs, belly, and buttocks — by liposuction. The tissue is then processed into liquid and injected into the face, butt, breast area to recreate the volume and contour.

Fat grafting is is consinder the most “safe” and natural looking procedure, since it doesn’t involve major surgery. The fat grafting are could be reabsorbed by the body for about 40%, so the surgon will transfer more fat than you expected during the surgery, from time to time after the absorbtion, the fat that survided could be around 60% by the new technique called Micro-fart-grafts.

정우철 대표원장님 프로필(한중영)

korean fat grafts before after
Clair Clinic Fat Grafts Before & After


Korea fat transfer before & after
Clair Clinic Fat Grafts Before & After



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