Hebe Intl International skin care Zhao franchise fraud selling counterfeit pills fake Miracle Care set

Hebe Intl International skin care Zhao franchise fraud selling counterfeit pills fake Miracle Care set

All the information we collect for this report can be found on internet, we actually done a research online to find different victims who were cheated by Hebe Intl Skincare Center online. Before reading this report, please take a look at the reviews for HEBE INT’L SKINCARE CENTER ON DIANPING.COM. Some people already reported that their face were ruin in this place, and some people reported that they hire a korean man to present to be a korean docter to teach botox injection. However all these reports are in Chinese since they rent a place in Korea just to scam chinese customers. This Hebe Int’l Skincare is own by an scam artist named Zhao Chao from Henan, China. This report is to exposed to the public that this company is renting a small place in Korea and using the reputation of Korea Beauty industrial to produce fake products in China, to scam chinese for franchaise purpose.

hebe intl skin care center ruin my face

hebe intl skin care center ruin my face

Zhao’s skincare place is not a clinic in Seoul, however he does injecting botox privately, even when he is not a docter himself and has no qualification for injecting cosmetic botox/fillers. We have collected videos and pictures of Zhao and his partner Lee Sung Hoon who is injecting botox and teaching botox injection. For those who are interested, please email us privately.

hebe intl skincare SCAM zhaochao

Illegal botox injection perform by Zhao from Hebe Intl Skincare Center

Hebe Intl International skin care Zhao franchise fraud by asking franchisee to invest their money for him to producing counterfeiting supplement pills and skin care set. In 2017, there are a lot of people on wechat and instagram starts to sell a product named Crystal Tomato pills, so where does this brand came from? Crystal Tomato is a famous brand from Singapore, they are made in USA and only sold in clinics in Singapore. The famous Chinese celebrity GiGi Lai also sells this brand in her clinic in Hong Kong. So Crystal Tomato is getting popular in China since then, and there are a lot of people trying to buy them in Singapore and asking Singapore sellers to delivery to China. Since this brand is very reputable and been selling in Singapore for over 5 years, so it attracts a variety of China scammers who wanna make high profits in unscrupulous ways, Zhao from mainland China Henam, who is one of them. This scammer from Henam China, rent a place in Seoul, Korea, to try to manipulating a Korean skin care center in Seoul, to try to misleading Chinese investors to become a franchisee and invest money for him to producing fake. He holds his own franchisee 50% of their franchise fee without giving them products, he then asking them to refill their money even they have 50% of their franchise fee in their account. He did not stated this before they sign a contract, so a few of their franchisee found that this is actually a scam because they do not want to sell fakes.  He first lied to those franchisee that he has got the distributing rights for Crystal Tomato, and using Crystal Tomato product picture and videos to advertise in his own wechat moments, and once when customer gets the product, its actually called MDS tomato. The package looks similar, he told the customer that this is the Korean version of Crystal Tomato, because the import tax is very low in Korea from USA, so they can sell 1/3 of the price compares to Crystal Tomato, by misleading customers to think they are the same product and made of the same company Gromark. This is crytsal tomato site: https://crystaltomato.com , this company has been selling Crystal Tomato for years in Singapore, has nothing to do with MDS tomato, the ones Zhao claimed that he own the distributing rights from Gromark. Crystal Tomato can only allowed to be sold in Clinics, not on wechat from these scammers.

Authentic crystal tomato

Authentic crystal tomato

Authentic crystal tomato

Authentic crystal tomato

hebe international skin care selling fake

hebe international skin care selling fake pills


At the beginning, these counterfeit makers saw the products in Guangzhou Beauty Expo 2017, and they sense that there are a lot of Chinese customer who wants Crystal Tomato, he knows that by making fake pills which cost only $5 each bottle, he can sell up to $150 USD to earn profiteering margin, he then start to connects with another fake producer in Korea named Sunshine to start producing MDS tomato. They copied Crystal Tomato’s website, to make another fake website, by changing the name Crystal Tomato to MDS tomato, still using Crystal Tomato pictures and even the company name Gromark, to misleading customers that these are the same product. This is a statement from Gromark: https://crystaltomato.com/warning-notice-infringing-product-and-website/

These Chinese scammers never respect others intellectual property, as long as they smells profit, they will start to manufactory fakes and asking their franchisee to invest, so they can sell their fakes from their franchisee.  At the beginning, all those pictures of MDS tomato is from Hebe Intl Skin Care, and all Hebe International Skin Care franchisee are starting to post these picture and selling these fake tomato pills. Even they sold it very cheap at $45 USD each box, however they produced these things at a unknown factory, these products has no factory name and factory address on them. Their cost to produce these fake pills is around $5 each box, starting at 10000 box. Zhao then trying to attracts franchisees to join his franchise business by giving each franchisee 500 boxes for free once when they join his franchise, he used these franchisees to sell these fake pills to the final customers. They sold these fake pills at $45 each, earning over $40 profit, asking customer to take these pills everyday like vitamin, so their skin can become white. However these pills are not FDA approves, not even CDFA approvals, they are illegal supplement to sell in USA, China, Canada and anywhere with government regulation.


Statement in Chinese from Gromark about fake crystal tomato pills

hebe international skin care

hebe international skin care selling FAKE Crystal Tomato


Hebe International Skin Care Zhao

Hebe International Skin Care Zhao

hebe international skin care sells fake

Hebe international skin care sells fake Crystal Tomato

The factory price of the knockout goods is about RMB 35. At the beginning, due to the brand of crystal white tomato, the sales price of the MDS market started at around 600 RMB, and after a year, it was discovered by the public that it was totally different brand and different product. These scammers can no longer sell at a high price, so the price drops to about 350 yuan a box. The profit is 315 yuan per box, this is the only reason why so many people sell online because of such high profits. By selling fake product to misleading customers to pay the price for Crystal Tomato. After selling for more than a year, Gromark company has discovered the fact, they might lead to a lawsuit by continues selling fake. Zhao finds out MDS can no longer sells at a high price, and Sunshine charged him 25 USD for each box, he then thinking of contacting the factory direct and kicking Sunshine out of this knockout business. By contacting the factory directly and putting another label on these pills, he can start to sell high price again, and also he can earn Sunshine’s profit as well by kicking him out. After using Sunshine to manufactory these pills for over a year, Zhao found that there is a chance to produce his own and earn all the unethical profits by his own. So he ask someone in China to invest money with the new label Rise Hebe Tomato. By asking investor to invest $20 USD each box to produce these pills, he can earn all these profit before they can be sold.  He made these pills at $5 USD, he already earn $15 USD before the pills are sold, he s very good at scamming investors who doesn’t know the fact about these products.

Sunshine is a wanted escapee from China police because he and Zhao were selling fake injection medicine in China. Zhao was the ones who controls the inventory delivery in Anyang, Henan, where his home is. Since his dad works in the Commerce Bureau and he used to work in the police station in Anyang, Henam, before he ran to Korea to make a living. By having these connection, he can sell fakes injections in China without getting into jail. This is why Sunshine partner up with him for China inventory to delivery these knockoffs. However by controlling the China inventory of Sunshine’s products, he got a lot of contact info of Sunshine agents and distributors, he then stole Sunshine’s  resources and distributors to sell his own fake. That is why Sunshine found that he were cheated by Zhao, after using him fr manufactory products for over a year, Zhao stole his factory resources and distributor resources, by kicking him out and saying that MDS is too low end, everyone knows it is fake, by selling his own label whitening pills, they can sell at a much higher price. Zhao is known of using such despicable tricks in this business, he used to produce fake Miracle Care set by spreading rumors of Miracle Care Authentic distributor. He will use all kinds of shameless tricks to framed his ex-boss Sunshine, or other seller Daejoo Medical for his own benifit. A typical China Henam Business style, by cheating and scamming. Zhao used to be a driver in Channel Academy, he then has the advantages to have the contact information of the students from Channel Academy, he used Channel Acadmey as a tool for him to get new clients contact information, and then by having these client resources, he then ask Sunshine to produce fake medical injections for him to sell to these students. However Channel Academy’s co-worker disagree with such unethical tricks, he then starting to spread rumors to framed others. Framed anyone that gets in his way of his profiteering margin is one of the best skills he has, he can do anything even harming others reputation and trade marks in order to gain his own benefit.

He saw that the Miracle Care set became a big hit in the China market in Feb. 2018, then he starts to spread rumors on his wechat that Miracle Care is over priced, and the factory has release a new version of Miracle Care, which he knows the Chinese customers do not know this product very well because it is new, so he used Miracle Care customers review and advertisement pictures, and selling his one week production line of cheap price cosmetic that is sold in Gmarket. The so called “New Miracle Care Set” he was trying to scam customers were selling $50 for 4 bottles in Gmarket, they are not even from the same line, just randomly picking  4 bottles of cheap cosmetic and make it a new version of “Miracle Care set” to scam customers that do not know much about the products.

Hebe international skin care produces counterfeit

Hebe international skin care produces counterfeit Miracle Care set


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