How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

vline a solution genuine

How to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake products?

Vline A solution essence lipolysis injection is made by BR Pharm in Korea, it is the first lipolysis injection cocktail that is in the market since 2015. Unlike other ppc injection that you have to mix your own cocktail, Vline A solution is a ready to use cocktail. Vline A solution already mixed with soy isoflavone ferments, carnitine, visnadine, escin and BR special compounds to maximize the lipolysis activation. Since Vline A solution lipolysis is the one and only brand in the market that does not cause swelling, and it is less pain during injection, so it became a big hit in the whole Asia Market back since 2015 up until now. Vline A solution lipolysis has been selling over 30000 boxes every month just in China market, it is also very popular in Malaysia, Thailand and Russia. Also it has been in the South America market since 2018.

vline a solution essence package change
vline a solution essence package change

BR pharm has been keep changing packages of V line A solution to get rid of counterfeit products in the Market

Since Vline A solution is selling a lot in China every month, the Chinese Counterfeit manufactory is starting to produce counterfeits of Vline A solution back in late 2015. It’s not a news that chinese counterfeits products are in the market, many popular Korean brands such as Botulax, Meditoxin, Nabota, Dermalax, Neuramis, Yvoire are victims of chinese counterfeits. Vline A solution is the only lipolysis that has chinese counterfeits due to its popularity. Vline A solution first came with a simple white package, which is easy to counterfeit. The first counterfeit appears in late 2015 with the white package. BR Pharm then decided to change its package due to counterfeits. BR Pharm decided to change to a more fancy purple package that is not as easy to make counterfeits in early 2016. The purple package replaced the old white package in the market since mid 2016. However even changing to purple package can not help much, the counterfeits of the purple Vline A solution has appears in the market in 2017. In 2017, BR Pharm has descide to open a sub company in Shanghai, China. Vline A solution was only KFDA approval, it did not came with CFDA approval, BR pharm start to apply for CFDA approval since 2017, and they designed a new package for getting the CFDA approval. After a full year, in early 2018, Vline A solution finally grant approval of CFDA in China, so BR pharm decided to change their package to red, with every unique serial code on every single box of Vline A solution lipolysis.

vline a solution fake
Vline a solution old packages from 2015 to 2018, all these packages are discontinused, BR pharm stop producing these packages anymore since 2018, they are susposed to be out of the market.


vline a solution genuine
Vline a solution lipolysis new red package since mid 2018 until now.


However, even changing to new red package with a serial code on every single package can not help to get rip of counterfeits, imaging selling over 30000 boxes just in China market every month, Counterfeit makers will do anything to share this market. Here are the tips on how to distinguish genuine Vline A solution lipolysis and fake Vline A solution in the latest red package.

vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution genuine and fake tip 1, check the stickers on the box.


vline a solution genuine and fake
Vline a solution lipolysis genuine and fake tip 2, when you scan the code, it goes to a product authentication web site, the fake one will links to a low quality page.



Vline a solution lipolysis authentic fake
Vline a solution lipolysis authentic and fake tip 3, the red box has been changed the bottles to transparent design in early 2019. From early 2018 to end of 2018, the bottles of the new red package was in silver sticker bottles like the right, BR pharm has changed to transparent  bottles with lot number and expiry date on the bottom.

Always buy your Vline A solution shipping from Korea, this is the best way to avoid getting fake ones, Vline A solution is a trade mark in Korea, Korean law are very strict when it comes to counterfeits,  so there are no counterfeits in Korean market. Always buy your korean beauty products direct from Korea to avoid counterfeits.  Vline A solution is the most popular lipolysis in the market, the result is amazing, thats why it sells over 30000 boxes to China every month, and this is why Vline A solution is the only lipolysis brand that became the victim of Chinese counterfeits.

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