Shine with skin elasticity with Kiara Reju PDRN skin booster

PDRN, the core of Anti-Aging (DNA ingredient) – Kiara Reju

Kiara Reju is a solution to boost the extreme gloss and regeneration of skin which enables to feel the effects of regeneration and glowing of skin cells with stable combination of PDRN which consists of DNA ingredient (a basic unit to supply energy to human body) and Hyaluronic Acid which is a Natural Moisture Factor (NMF).

pdrn skin boosters rejuran
pdrn skin boosters

The solution for gloss and regeneration of skin completed with PDRN and Hyaluronic Acid

With biosynthesis action in skin tissues(epidermis, dermis) of PDRN which is a regenerative activity material of cell tissue, it recovers and maintains elasticity and health of skin. Hyaluronic Acid which is a component of human body gives moisture, moisturizing, smoothness, and gloss to skin and makes your skin healthy and elastically in addition to make glowing skin tone.

kiara reju
kiara reju

Kiara Reju which brightens up skin tone and improves micro wrinkles with water supplement within the skin

Moisture + clear skin tone + delicate gloss + smooth skin texture. It is not only for the moisture but also for the effect to make complexion to be clean and clear by filling the moisture from the inside of skin.

kiara reju pdrn
kiara reju pdrn

Adds glow to your skin

Kiara Reju which is completed with PDRN and Hyaluronic Acid is the most powerful anti-aging solution to immediately supplement the moisture and to improve skin tone and elasticity.

kiara reju pdrn skin boosters
kiara reju pdrn skin boosters


Combines both of the most powerful solutions for skin, PDRN and HA

What is PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide) of Kiara Reju?

It is a DNA obtained by extracting from the testicles of salmonidae fish and a regenerative activity material existing within the living body.This acts on tissue formation and cell division as a regenerative ingredient and helps to improve the skin excellently within short-term period.

kiara reju pdrn injection
kiara reju pdrn injection
  • Boosting proliferation of multiple growth factors
  • Rapid regeneration of wounded skin
  • Solving general skin problems with the activation of micro circulation

What is HA (Hyaluronic Acid) of Kiara Reju?

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient which naturally exists in human body as a component of cell and substrate. It gets reduced as it grew older and as a result, skin loses the elasticity and has more wrinkles. For the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

kiara reju skin boosters
kiara reju skin boosters

If you want the glowing skin, Kiara Reju skin booster is the most powerful solution

When most people feel the skin dry, they mostly want to use the cosmetics. As such method is not direct one, it is not satisfactory. So, for the dry and elasticity losing skin, delivering Hyaluronic Acid directly to percutaneous layer of skin is the most excellent way to feel the immediate effect.

skin boosters treatment
skin boosters treatment

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Rejuran Healer skin regeneration PDRN injection to turn back time

Rejuran Healer skin regeneration PDRN injection

Anti-aging is what most woman wants in their life, women tends to stay in their young even through time goes by. When a woman gets aging, her skin will be the first to see the signs. A series of problems such as sagging skin, uneven tones and wrinkles will come out. Some women who doesnt take care of their skin will look like in their 30s and 40s even they are in their late 20s. How can we restore the firmness and smoothness of our skin?

rejuran healer
rejuran healer

Rejuran healer regeneration skin boosters create a favorable environment for cell growth. Rejuran fundamentally changes the skin environment, stimulates collagen grows to restore elasticity. It improves the skin condition to make skin looks more smooth. Rejuran is KFDA approval with CE certification 2265. It has no side effects, and is very popular in Korea, Singapore and China.

rejuran injection
rejuran injection

The REJURAN Healer is a delicate polynucleotides (PN) extracted from salmon, which has very good stability to heat. Nucleotides are the basic molecular structure shared by all organisms, a non-synthetic compound, a drug-free component, and highly safe. Nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA. The DNA strand is cut according to a certain specification, and the biological PDRN component of the human body with high applicability is used, and the stability is high and there is no rejection reaction. A PN molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers bonded together.

rejuran wholesale
rejuran wholesale


Benefits of injecting Rejuran Healer

REJURAN Healer stimulates collagen growth to the skin, not only to improve the skin condiction, but also to increase the elasticity of the skin.

REJURAN can also improve areas around the eyes, under the eyes, wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, and other wrinkles that cannot be improved by botox. This also reflects the advantages of REJURAN.

The DNA component of REJURAN promotes the regeneration of the skin’s protective film, giving the skin a healthy, natural and smooth looking. It could reduce acne scars and provide anti-inflammation function to reduce acne problems.

Rejuran healer shrinks pores by regulating oil and moisture in the skin.

Injection site:

Full face: Improves facial firmness, anti-aging and  heals skin damage, enhances elasticity

Neck: Enhance neck elasticity

Hand: reduce fine lines on the back of the hand

Packing: 2X2ML/BOX

buy rejuran online
buy rejuran online

Injection method: REJURAN Healer restores the structure of the skin by improving the physiological conditions inside the skin. The best results can be expected by performing 4 sessions at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Maintenance therapy: For maintenance purposes, perform 1 session in every 3-6 months depending on age and skin condition. This is the best way to stay looking young with good skin condition.

Injection dosage: Evenly inject one syringe of 2cc into the dermis layer of skin with mesotherapy method, or use an injection gun with 9 pin needles to inject evenly at 0.05cc each spot.

Rejuran Healer Trueskin Essence
Rejuran Healer Trueskin Essence

Rejuran Healer export version is called Rejuran Trueskin Essence, this is the export version for international market.

For customers who wants better price with the same quality of Rejuran Healer, PN Cell skin boosters and PN Cell Healer will be another option.

pn cell rejuran healer
PN cell healer

PN Cell Regation Skin Booster is a skin healing treatment that has surged in popularity in Korean clinics over the last 2 years. The world cannot seem to get enough of skin rejuvenating injection treatments. PN Cell Regation is also commonly referred to as PN, PDRN Therapy, DNA Injection, or 婴儿针 (Baby skin injections). It is the same concentrate of PN compares to Rejuran with a better value. It came with 3 syringes in a box, each syringe is 2cc.

pn cell regation skin booster
pn cell regation skin booster


Another option with higher concentrate of PN than Rejuran will be PN Cell Healer, it came in 2 Syringes in a box, each syringe will be 1cc.

PN cell regation pdrn healer
PN cell regation pdrn healer

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Laser is not the only acne scar removal method, try PDRN skin healer

Other than PDRN, most of us heard of laser treatment like Fraxel, it was one of the most popular treatment for acne scars, it is because Fraxel laser can improves the texture of acne scars. After a few treatments, your skin gets smooth and the scar marks can be lighten as well. Fraxel Laser usually takes 3 to 5 treatments, however the cost of the machine is expensive, and it will thiner the stratum corneum layer of the skin.  Laser treatment can’t remove acne scars completely because different scars came with different depths, and no matter how strong the laser is, it only get to certain depths of the skin. However there are different types of acne scars and laser can not treat all types of acne scars.

acne scar pdrn
acne scar pdrn

Acne scars are are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. These fibrous tissues that are formed in response to skin injury, they consist of disorganised and abnormal collagen fibres. There are seven types of acne scars, the most common ones are atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars and keloids. This explains why laser can not treat all types of skin due to the depth of the scars are different in different type of scars.

different typs of acne scars
different typs of acne scars

In Korea, Acne scar treatments are not just laser, they use a lot of regenerative medicine with mesotherapy or micro-needling method to treat acne scars as well. It is easy to operate, the cost is lower than lasers, it also has anti aging effects which beyond just helping acne scars.

PDRN is a Regenerative Medicine that restores damaged cells, tissues to normal condition. PDRN stands for  PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide, which helps regeneration as activating recovery system.

PDRN tissue regeneration & wound healing
PDRN tissue regeneration & wound healing

PDRN(PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide) is Basic molecule which is existing in all living things on the earth . It is low molecular polymer weighted 350 KD (the average of Molecular weight) and One of the complex that makes DNA in the cell.

It is a fraction of DNA with fixed measurement which has Tissue Regeneration Effect when it is injected into human’s body.
It shows Anti-Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration through combining it with specific receptor selectively in the cell. Moreover, it is safe substance existed in synthesis of Human cell. The slightest amount of PDRN in the cell act as stimulating regeneration and metabolism of Fibroblast cell.

-PDRN(PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide) is not only injected with Convenience and Safety but also is used by a wide range of regeneration therapy such as musculoskeletal disorder(damage of Tendon and Ligament), and Cosmetics.

What is PDRN(PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide)?

  • PDRN(PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide) is Basic molecule which is existing in all living things on the earth.
  • It is a fraction of DNA with fixed measurement which has Tissue Regeneration Effect when it is injected into human’s body
  • It is extracted from Salmon’s sperm or milt because their DNA is almost coincided with Human beings.(more than 95 %)
  • Thermoduric substance with activity regardless of high temperature sterilization.
  • No Skin Hyperplasia.
  • Anti-Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration through combining it with specificreceptor selectively in the cell
  • Tissue regeneration activator with Bio-revitalizing agent increasing activity

Rejuran PDRN is extracted and purified from Salmon’s Sperm or Milt.

Salmon has plenty of DNA and their base of DNA is almost coincided with Human beings. That is the reason that there is no foreign body sensation when it is injected into human body.


PDRN act as a Promoting Factor for Regeneration which restore damaged cell and wound to normal condition.

pdrn tissue regeneration wound healing
pdrn tissue regeneration wound healing

New Concept PDRN Healer developing Regeneration by healing inside of the skin

PDRN(polydeoxyribonucleotide) does not show Skin Hyperplasia.
It is regeneration substance which restores damaged skin to healthy condition and increased Skin Elasticity through strengthening Epidermis and Dermis. It is not the same as if the existing cosmetic surgery makes up for defects temporarily through inserting artifacts but it is Skin Rejuvenation Technology of New Concept which is return to Natural Skin Condition as activating Natural Strength with High Efficacy and Safety. It helps to give natural volume of skin by tissue regeneration and makes a Healthy and Elastic Skin within 3 or 4 days after Treatment.

PN cell regation pdrn healer
PN cell regation pdrn healer

1mL×2syr/box,  2% PDRN

For: Depressed Scar, Deep Wrinkles, Improving Elasticity

Inject depth : 0.4cm~0.6cm, injected into the lower dermis

Use cannula 26~30g  / Direct Injection

2 sessions each treatment at interval of 10-15 days

PDRN injection
PDRN injection

3.0mL×5vials/box, PDRN 1%

For: Whole Face, Fine Wrinkles, Improving Elasticit, Hair loss

Inject depth : 0.2cm~0.3cm, Inject into The Lower Epidermis

Use 26~30g Needle, Derma roller, Micro needling

3 to 5 sessions per treatment depends on skin condition, at interval of 10-15 days
pn cell regation skin booster
pn cell regation skin booster

2mL×3syr/box, PDRN 1%

For: Whole Face, Fine Wrinkles, Improving Elasticity

Inject depth : 0.3cm~0.4cm, Inject into the Upper Dermis

Use 26~30g Needle, Injector

3 sessions each treatment at interval of 10-15 days



Inject 0.1-0.2cc every 1cm along the area of treatment.

Full Face

Inject once 2cc-4cc per application on full face. However, it can be increased or decreased as occasion demands.

Neck Wrinkle

It is recommend to inject 2~4cc equally along the wrinkle.


It is recommended to give a treatment at 6 months interval for the best skin condition.


Room Temperature / Use at once after opening

PN CELL Regation (Characteristic of Main Ingredient)

  • Suitable Bio-Substance extracting from Salmon’s Sperm
  • Effective DNA fraction for Regeneration
  • Wound Healing by promoting Secretion of VEGF
  • Improve General Skin Problem through Strengthen Microcirculation
  • Rapid Regeneration Effect as acting Skin Synthesis directly
  • Constant Regeneration Effect by Reconstruction of Dermis

Characteristic of PN CELL Regation Treatment

  • Low Risk Bearing of Side Effect
  • Possible Treatment for Sensitive Skin and Problem Skin.
  • Improve General Skin Problem Wound Healing
  • Enhance Whitening, Moisture, Pores, Scars, Skin Tone etc.
  • Wound Healing
  • Helps to recover Wound and Scar rapidly and relieve Inflammation, Swelling, Hot Flush, Pain.
  • Improve Skin Regeneration
  • Rapid Regeneration Effect as acting Synthesis of Skin Cell directly.
  • Constant Regeneration Effect
  • Maintain the Status of Tissue Regeneration for a long time through Reconstruct Derm

Effect of PN CELL Regation Treatment

  • Shorten Wound Healing and restore it to be Normal Tissue
  • Rapid Wound Suture in case of Foot ulcer in Diabetic
  • Rapid Regeneration as acting Synthesis of Skin Cell directly
  • Scar- from Acne, from Accident, from Stretch Marks
  • Improve Skin Aging, Photo-aging and Skin Elasticity
  • Rapid Recovery after skin Treatment and Plastic Surgery
  • Solve the problem caused by Hair loss

PN CELL Regation Treatment : Result of Treatment according to Injection Frequency

❶ The 1st Treatment (0Day)
· Within 2-5 days after treatment, it shows Soft Skin Texture and Balanced between Oil and Moisture.

➋ The 2nd Treatment (Treatment after 2 weeks)
· Within 2-5 days after treatment, it shows Increasing Skin Elasticity, Improvement of Fine Wrinkles and Reducing Skin Pore Size

➌ The 3rd Treatment (Treatment after 4 weeks)
· Within 2-5 days after treatment , it shows the Lifting Effect and Thickness of Dermis.

PDRN healer treatment
pdrn skinboosters treatment before after result
glamour skinboosters treatment review
glamour skinboosters treatment review
glamour skinboosters treatment before & after
glamour skinboosters treatment before & after
pdrn skin boosters injection before after pictures
HP nucleo Vital & Glamour skin boosters injection before after pictures
pdrn rejuran healer
PDRN healer

Suggestion after PN CELL Regation Treatment

➊ Information

• Pain, Redness, Uneven Texture after Treatment will be alleviated within 3-4 days.
• Bruise, Swelling can be lasted for 1-2 weeks depending on area and skin condition.

➋ Caution
• Avoid touching area after treatment.

• Try to refrain from Smoking, Drinking and Sauna for 1 week after treatment.

➌ Recommendation

• Apply Moisturizing Cream or Regeneration Cream on the area after treatment.

• Apply Sun Block when going outside.

PDRN mesotherapy
PDRN mesotherapy

PDRN can treat below skin problems:

PDRN treatments
PDRN treatments
PDRN treatment
PDRN treatment

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PDRN美塑是由称为聚脱氧核糖核苷酸(PDRN)的生物分子组成的复原皮肤治疗。 PDRN分子是由13个或更多个脱氧核糖核苷酸单体组成的聚合物。核苷酸是在DNARNA中发现的单体结构单元,脱氧核糖核苷酸是由脱氧核糖糖类构建的核苷酸。从鲑鱼的睾丸中获得DNA提取物,然后片提炼转化成PDRN



PDRN在整个治疗期间产生显着的组织改善和一致性。由于PDRN具有促进皮肤移植后恢复的特殊能力,PDRN2008年获得批准的PDRN后首次在意大利用作组织修复化合物。 PDRN可以用于美塑疗法,因为它可以刺激皮肤细胞的代谢活动以再生胶原蛋白,葡糖胺聚糖和糖蛋白。 PDRN通过促进抗增殖和增加成纤维细胞生长速度刺激伤口恢复。这意味着PDRN可以唤醒疲惫的老年细胞,使其更年轻,并重新开始工作。 PDRN美塑使皮肤弹性,质地和水合作用显着改善。 PDRN也被称为韩国婴儿针,已通过皮肤科诊所证明其有效且安全,可用于细胞生长和组织再生。



前几年水光美塑发展在韩国并成为亚洲最热门的皮肤再生疗法,现在韩国美容界又研发了最新技PDRN美塑,在当地也被称为海恩PDRN再生美塑或DNA再生疗法,最近这几年已成为韩国皮肤诊所,整形外科最热门的治疗方法之一。 这款将PDRN和透明质酸两者结合在一起的新技术,海恩PDRN再生美塑不但令皮肤逆齡恢复活力,减淡细纹和增加胶原蛋白,还可以有着水光美塑一样让皮肤变得水润光滑。这种把传统PDRN和水光合二为一的新技术,让广大爱美者的皮肤可以得到多方面的改善。

PDRN injection


透明质酸是我们身体的一部分,严格来说,应称其为“增湿剂”更确切。表皮是皮肤最外层的保护屏障,通常其含水量为20%35%。 伴随着衰老,透明质酸在皮肤中的含量也随之减少,从而出现皮肤细纹,失去弹性。通过导入和涂抹适量的透明质酸,可以增强皮肤弹性、保持水润,恢复年轻。透明质酸除了对正常的皮肤具有保湿作用外,对创伤的皮肤还具有促进愈合的修复作用。透明质酸能够吸收和储存1000倍于透明质酸重量的水分在皮肤中。 由于透明质酸的高保湿和水化性能,可通过旷大胞间空隙,促进修复细胞的移动,促进和维持伤口周围皮肤水环境的恒定,激活皮肤屏障自我修复能力。透明质酸,是目前最好的保湿成份。市面上绝大多数具有保湿功能的护肤品中,主要成份就是它。


PDRN刺激并增加皮肤中称为成纤维细胞的细胞的代谢活性,从而再生皮肤的关键组分如胶原蛋白,糖胺聚糖和糖蛋白。 PDRN激活疲惫的老年和受损细胞,使其更年轻,并重新开始工作。它也可以机械地作为细胞和细胞外基质的支架生长 – 它们具有三维结构,其中成纤维细胞可用于产生其再生作用。此外,它还为DNA合成提供了构建模块。 通过补救途径,多核苷酸被身体的过程分解为嘌呤和嘧啶,然后再循环到新的DNA中。多聚脱氧核糖核苷酸(PDRN)含有50-2000个碱基对组合在链中的脱氧核糖核苷酸聚合物,已知通过激活A2亚型嘌呤能受体和补救途径来加速细胞增殖。 PDRN有助于皮肤和组织的再生,它也可用于糖尿病足溃疡的临床治疗。 由于它有助于皮肤再生,它可以在激光治疗后使用。 韩国药监局KFDA2008年通过PDRN用于组织修复和皮肤移植创伤的治疗。 PDRN之前已经被批准在意大利临床使用,作为组织修复刺激剂。





皮肤修复 – 改善皮肤屏障功能

皮肤正常化 – 皮肤增厚







hp nuclei vital pdrn
hp nuclei vital pdrn


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D+Cell 350 TRA Cream | D Cell婴儿针再生霜

D+Cell 350 TRA Cream | D Cell婴儿针再生霜

组织再生促进剂(Tissue regeneration activator TRA)





D Cell 350 TRA 婴儿针再生霜
D Cell 350 TRA 婴儿针再生霜

D+Cell PDRN Regenerating Cream

D+Cell 350 TRA Cream | D Cell婴儿针再生霜

由于对组织再生状态有着持久的维持功能,与只有短暂效果的水光注射不同,鲑鱼注射有着持久的效果。不但有增加皮肤弹性,收缩毛孔的效果,同时也对伤口和疤痕迅速再生有很大的帮助。鉴于 DNA 鲑鱼注射的卓越的皮肤再生效果,与各种激光手术和角质祛除等施术同时进行,将会提高对其他施术的效果。鲑鱼注射不仅对于痘疤的祛除再生,皮肤弹力的增加,肤色的改善,小细纹的改善,白斑的改善有效果。对于施术后变得敏感的皮肤的镇静和更加快速地恢复也有帮助,同时,头皮施术后,对推迟脱发的发生也有帮助。不但可以直接注射在真皮层内,D+CELL的产品涂抹在皮肤表面也能够被吸收,所以比较怕疼的人也可以使用。产品无副作用,可以放心安全使用。

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D CELL 350 TRA PDRN 干细胞婴儿针 |韩国婴儿针 |海恩再生針

D CELL 350 TRA PDRN 干细胞婴儿针|韩国婴儿针|增进DNA合成|促进细胞再生 |促进毛囊再生



前几年水光针在韩国成为亚洲最热门的皮肤再生疗法,现在韩国美容界又研发了最新技PDRN婴儿针与透明质酸合二为一的一体产品海恩再生针,在当地也被称为海恩PDRN再生美塑或DNA再生疗法,最近这几年已成为韩国皮肤诊所,整形外科最热门的治疗方法之一。 这款将PDRN和透明质酸两者结合在一起的新技术,海恩PDRN再生美塑不但令皮肤逆齡恢复活力,减淡细纹和增加胶原蛋白,还可以有着水光美塑一样让皮肤变得水润光滑。这种把传统PDRN和水光合二为一的新技术,让广大爱美者的皮肤可以得到多方面的改善。


韩国皮肤科和整形外科经常进行施术的鲑鱼注射是什么? 鲑鱼注射是从富含与人类的碱基组成一致的鲑鱼DNA成分中,提取帮助皮肤组织再生的 PDRN 物质,为受损伤的皮肤,增强胶原蛋白和非胶原蛋白性蛋白质的分泌功能,促进伤口的均匀愈合,改善疤痕以及改善肤色。首先,它具有良好的美白功能,其次,在毛孔收缩方面也有出色的效果。利用鲑鱼的 DNA成分进行的皮肤管理施术,就像鲑鱼在水中逆流而上一样,可以找回年轻而富有弹性的肌 肤,所以被称为鲑鱼注射或是 DNA注射。由于对组织再生状态有着持久的维持功能,与只有短暂效果的水光注射不同,鲑鱼注射有着持久的效果。不但有增加皮肤弹性,收缩毛孔的效果,同时也对伤口和疤痕迅速再生有很大的帮助。鉴于 DNA 鲑鱼注射的卓越的皮肤再生效果,与各种激光手术和角质祛除等施术同时进行,将会提高对其他施术的效果。鲑鱼注射不仅对于痘疤的祛除再生,皮肤弹力的增加,肤色的改善,小细纹的改善,白斑的改善有效果。对于施术后变得敏感的皮肤的镇静和更加快速地恢复也有帮助,同时,头皮施术后,对推迟脱发的发生也有帮助。不但可以直接注射在真皮层内,HP Nucleo Vital的产品涂抹在皮肤表面也能够被吸收,所以比较怕疼的人也可以使用。产品无副作用,可以放心安全使用。 鲑鱼注射对从10几岁到6~70几岁的多个年龄层的人们,根据不同的皮肤管理利用程度,都多种多样的效果。没有疼痛感和副作用,也没有恢复等待时间。作为一种简单的注射施术,在韩国皮肤科和整形外科中,为敏感和红肿皮肤的快速镇静,常常通过激光施术把微细的毛孔打通,将治疗溶液浸透到皮肤的方式进行。在医院,常建议和激光施术或整形手术同时施术的原因是,施术过程中,对皮肤的刺激非常小,不仅会很迅速地显现出良好的施术效果,更能够获得意想不到的附加效果。另外,如果不进行激光治疗,运用 AMTS管理施术进行鲑鱼注射治疗溶液的注射,也会有值得期待的明显效果。 一般在韩国进行施术的鲑鱼注射的价格是大约一次15万元~25万元之间,根据医院的不同和施术的不同,会有少许差异,但是与宝贝注射相比,是比较实惠的。对于有青春痘,疤痕,伤口的患者,是一个很好的选择。

PDRN 婴儿针疗程效果
PDRN Injection 婴儿针疗程效果


D+CELL 350 TRA已經更新換代成HP Nucleo Vital海恩,海恩再生針是将萎缩或者损伤的组织再生,恢复至正常状态,促进构成组织的细胞生长,分泌构成组织的各种物质,同时有促进分泌的特征。而 PDRN 拥有 TRA 拥有的所有特征。PDRN 作为组织再生催化剂,不仅是皮肤细胞的 Fibroblast,骨细胞 Osreoblast, 软骨细胞Chondrocyle,促进脂肪由来干细等人体各种组织细胞的生长, 促进分泌构成组织的物质,促进胶原蛋白及非胶原蛋白性蛋白质的均匀分泌,使损伤的组织再生为正常的组织。 PDRN再生原理 PDRN再生原理[1] 细胞再生及促进细胞再生的成分,对皮肤再生效果非常突出。是一种医药成分,非常安全! 敏感皮肤也可安心使用! 真皮组织再生组织(TRA) – 真皮内 Fibroblast的数量增加 – 促进Fibroblast的皮肤组成蛋白质的分泌 – 不会因 Feed back 作用而引起过度增生,提供无疤痕的治疗伤口 – 抗炎症,抗副作用,有助于改善浮肿 持久保持组织再生状态,促进 DNA 合成,防止细胞老化,受损细胞再生

***Mechanism of action*** ·仅存在于细胞内的A Purine水溶体里选择性作用,促进成长因子分泌 ·因VEGF生成毛细血管,改善血液循环(供给营养物质及排泄老化物) ·抗炎症作用及防止毛细血管漏出 ·DNAase ·为促进合成DNA,促进细胞生长作用 ·促进Fibroblast分泌及组织再生作用

Dcell PDRN treatment

HP Nucleo Vital

D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN婴儿针电动微针操作过程
D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN婴儿针电动微针操作过程
D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN婴儿针电动微针操作过程
D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN婴儿针电动微针操作过程

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Korean PDRN injection HP Nucleo Vital DNA injection that repairs and stimulating tissues and skin

When Derma Shine injection became one of the hottest skin treatment in China nowdays, the Korean PDRN injection also known as HP Nucleo Vital, DNA injection, or PDRN regeneration injection is already became the hottest treatment in the Korean plastic surgery clinics. PDRN the baby skin injection is a skin healing treatment that was popular last two years. Today, HP Nucleo Vital combines 2000 ppm of PDRN and 5000 ppm of Hyaluric Acid, has taken over the role of PDRN products. Combine one Glamour skinboosters syringe with one bottle of HP Nucleo Vital to reach the best result you want.

pdrn injection
pdrn injection


PDRN mesotherapy
Buy HP Nucleo Vital PDRN online

What is PDRN injection?

Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) contains deoxyribonucleotide polymers where 50 to 2000 base pairs are combined in a chain, is known to accelerate cell proliferation by activating A2 subtype purinergic receptor and salvage pathway. PDRN contains salmon DNA which helps the regeneration of skin and tissue,  it could also be used for clinical treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.  Since it helps the skin regeneration, it could be use after laser treatment. PDRN was indicated for tissue repair and treatment of wound in skin graft in 2008 by KFDA. PDRN was first approved for clinical use in Italy as a tissue repair stimulating agent.


PDRN injection PDRN injection

Herre is the result of the PDRN treatment:

PDRN injection treatment result
PDRN injection treatment result

HP Nucleo Vital PDRN Injection is the PDRN dermal care product for the professional use. As well, HP Nucleo Vital PDRN Injection is optimized for various skin care and treatment processes, and furthermore the efficacy and safety were approved through clinical studies by dermatological experts. HP Nucleo Vital PDRN Injection™  improves skin rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin through stimulating fibroblast and collagen substances by promoting the secretion of various cell growth factors such as FGF, EGF and IGF.

One vial contains 1% of PDRNⓇ

Contents & packing unit
2.2ml / vial, 5vial / pack

Topical application, can be combined with the most advanced technologies : electrodraining, RF needle, Fractionated Pulsed light and electrophoroporation.

1. Regeneration : Skin rejuvenation, improve elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines.
2. Scar treatment: Normal scar, Acne scar and Stretch mark.
3. Scalp care: Hair growth / Improve the engraftment rate after hair implant.

The MTS Operating process:

D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN MTS procedure process
PDRN procedure process
D+Cell 350 TRA PDRN MTS procedure process
HP Nucleo Vital PDRN  MTS procedure process
hp nucleo vital pdrn injection
hp nucleo vital pdrn injection

There is another way to use the HP Nucleo Vital PDRN, which is mixed with the skin boosters injection Hyaluronic acid, and use the Ice Shot Injector to inject into the dermis layer of the skin. Here is how I mix it, first of all you pump the HP Nuclep Vital PDRN Injection into a syringe, and use a mix tube to mix it with Glamour hyaluronic acid skinboosters, after it is all done you can put the syringe onto the Ice Shot Injection machine and start!

If you have any problems or question for the procedures, please feel free to send us an email.

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