Dermalax filler, a Hugel brand with CE certificate

dermalax dermal filler

As many of you might heard of Revolax, it is made by Across, Across is a company under Hugel, Hugel is the manufactory that produces Botulax, the famous Korean botulinum toxin brand. Dermalax is the dermall filler brand for Hugel, it is approved by FKDA  in Korea, it also approved with a CE certification. Dermalax has been export to Europe and worldwide.

dermalax dermal filler
dermalax dermal filler


Hyaluronic acid is an anionic, glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective tissues. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin owing to its high water- binding properties and also maintains proper tissue vol-ume. Recently, Hyaluronic acid based fillers have become the material of choice for wrinkle correction and tissue augmentation of soft tissues.1 Although the various types of HA fillers appear to be similar, their physical characteristics and manufacturing processes are not the same. These differences can affect injection technique, usage, and outcome.HA fillers are classified into two categories based on the cross- linking method used for manufacturing: monophasic or biphasic. Monophasic fillers consist of a mix of high- molecular- weight and low- molecular- weight HAs.  Biphasic fillers contain selectively sized particles of cross- linked HA suspended within non- cross- linked HA used as a carrier. Dermalax is made of Monophasic method, by adding BDDE to the HA, and through long term fermentation, the BDDE will disappear, esulting in the formation of Dermalax hyaluronic acid. The advantage of Monophasic HA is that it is not a non-animal ingredient and therefore does not require skin testing. It lasts for a long time and feels comfortable when it is injected. BDDE itself has side effects on the human body, however it will be completely removed during process, making the product completely safe, without any allergies and side effects.

dermalax buy online
dermalax buy online




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