Tutorial for Korean 24K Gold therapy, the famous gold facial mask

The Korean skin management project I am going to introduce here will e the most famous one in the world, the 24K Gold therapy. It is the most luxury treatment, not only because of the high price, since the treatment contains 24K gold, it is a luxury treatment in most of the high end beauty salons and esthetic med spas . This treatment is perfect for those ladies who often wearing heavy makeup, those toxin that is left in the skin by cosmetics accumulate over time, which is not easy to clean by normal facial cleanser. These toxin not only clogging our pores, but also making our skin very dull. This Korean 24K Gold therapy can eliminating toxin residues in the skin, it helps skin to stay balanced and radiance.

What is  24K Gold therapy?

24K Gold facial mask
24K Gold facial mask

24K Gold facial mask is a skin deep cleansing and rejuvenation treatment from the Korean skin management industry. It uses nano-level gold particles and a variety of nutrients to thoroughly clean the toxin and other harmful substances that cause skin dullness and aging. It also reduce the damaged caused by UV rays, reduce free radicals, and prevent skin from aging.

How to perform the Korean 24K Gold facial mask?

  1. The first step is to a hydro jet machine to clean the face, so that the skin pores are fully opened.
  2. The next step is to perform an oxygen facial first, to wake up the skin cells, so your skin can better absorb the nutrient solution that will be used next.
  3. Use a RF radio frequency machine to massage your skin along with the golden essence.
  4. Apply gold mask, gold is a negative ion, while the human body is a positive ion, the two attract each other.
  5. Take out an appropriate amount of cream and apply it on the face, massage it with an ultrasound machine.
  6. Mix the 24K gold modeling mask and apply it to the whole face for calming management. It takes about 15 minutes.
  7. Wipe the face clean with a cotton pad, and apply cream essence again for skin care.

To sum it up in one sentence, the 24K nano-gold micro-particles are combined with professional skin management techniques and high tech beauty equipment through ion exchange to clean the harmful toxin and other harmful substances that cause skin aging.

What are the functions of Korean 24K gold therapy?

  1. Tighten the skin. It could reduce the loss and consumption of collagen and elastin, and prevent skin from sagging.
  2. Activate skin cells. Gamma PGA, which has a moisturizing effect more than 10 times that of hyaluronic acid, it is absorbed into the deep layer of the skin at the same time to provide skin with nutrition, and stimulate the skin’s natural moisturizing elements.
  3. Whitening effect. Reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, eliminate free radicals, and inhibit melanin secretion.
  4. Detoxification. Toxin and various harmful substances are the deadly causes of skin aging, and the fine particles of pure gold can be penetrated into the skin through negative ion exchange, which can completely remove the dirt and toxin deep in the pores.

Who is suitable for the Korean 24K Gold therapy?

Gold facial mask are suitable for people of all skin types, but if you are allergic to gold, then this will not be the right treatment for you. Otherwise it can cause allergic reactions such as redness and itching.

The whole process takes about 90 minutes. Although it looks like a luxury treatment, the price is affordable if you choice to buy the treatment set and do it at home. It could probably cost $150 to $500 USD in beauty salons, it depends on what the salon will offer, some offer hydro peel and Oxygen facial along with this 24K Gold therapy to make it a treatment, then it could cost up to $500 USD.

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