PDT Photodynamic therapy for acne tutorial : acne treatment with Omega LED light

What is PDT photodynamic therapy acne treatment?

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PDT photodynamic acne  therapy  by using a non-side-effect photosensitizer that works with Omega LED light source to treat acne. It is called PDT photodynamic therapy. PDT GEL is a new concept of PDT acne treatment compared to traditional ALA-based photosensitizers, which use the skin protein component tryptophan to kill bacteria and release by-product amino acids. No burns, no pain, no tanning, no side effects! Now you can experience PDT photodynamic therapy for effective treatment of acne. In addition to the face, PDT gel can also be used on the back or anywhere on your body. Without the need for cumbersome application with MTS electric micro-needle, you don’t need to reconcile the product to consume a lot of time. All you have to do is to apply PDT gel on the skin of the patient along with the Omega LED light source. You can treat your patient’s face or body, as long as there is acne problem. The treatment time is faster and more convenient!

PDT gel photodynamic therapy
PDT gel photodynamic therapy: Buy PDT GEL photosensitizer at gangnam style-shop.com!

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), sometimes called photochemotherapy, is a light therapy involving light and photosensitizers. PDT has been proven to kill microbial cells, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. PDT skin is widely used to treat acne problems. This treatment is especially useful in cases of severe acne that do not respond to other treatments. PDT acne treatment also has effects on other skin conditions such as sunburned skin, precancerous cells and skin infections. PDT Photodynamic Therapy also reduces the size and activity of oil-producing glands on the skin, called the sebaceous glands. Excessive activity and inflammation of these glands can cause more severe acne. PDT photodynamic therapy is often more effective for inflammatory acne than non-inflammatory acne.

What is PDT photodynamic therapy acne treatment?


pdt photodynamic therapy acne treatment for back
Pdt photodynamic therapy acne treatment for back

New concept PDT GEL riboflavin and tryptophan treatment principle

Photosensitizer is very important in PDT photodynamic therapy

1. Riboflavin activates tryptophan after exposure to blue light to form active free radicals.

2. Active radicals react with water molecules to produce ROS

3. ROS has the effect of reducing the secretion of acne bacteria and sebum

4. After the influence of tryptophan, by-products rapidly decompose as amino acids are discharged through metabolic pathways in the skin.

5. It does not cause any side effects, no need to worry about redness, burning or tanning


Why not use chlorophyll ALA aminolevulinic acid component of photosensitizer?

5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA), an endogenous biochemical substance produced by ALA dehydratase and a series of enzymatic actions to produce protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) with strong photosensitivity. The synthesis speed of PPIX depends on the picking speed of this product, and this product is regulated by the feedback of free hemoglobin concentration. The exogenous product can bypass the feedback inhibition system and make the cells synthesize a sufficient amount of PPIX. The acne containing PPIX is irradiated with 420-640 nm light, and singlet oxygen (-O2) is generated during energy transfer. When the oxygen reaches a certain concentration, cell death (phototoxicity) can be induced.

Side effects: When treated with ALA, there is no selective destruction of normal tissues around it, such as oxidized proteins, liposomes and other subcutaneous cell structures. Oxygen free radicals generated under the pathological conditions of this product overload will lead to Acute periodic porphyria. In addition, this product will cause the release of iron ions in ferritin. Which will aggravate the oxidation of cells, it will lead to acute periodic porphyria. Some people will have erythema and swelling. ALA aminolevulinic acid also causes pigmentation, which is an anti-black phenomenon in some people during the treatment.

Differences between photosensitizers for PDT photodynamic therapy
Differences between photosensitizers for PDT photodynamic therapy


PDT photosensitizer for PDT photodynamic therapy
PDT photosensitizer for PDT photodynamic therapy

Treatment application process

1. Clean and disinfect skin before doing PDT photodynamic therapy

2. Squeeze the acne on your face (use a needle to gently puncture the area of the acne and squeeze out the pus)

3. Remove the cover of PDT Gel and replace it with a closed conical cover

4. Apply PDT Gel to your face, avoiding applying near the lips and around your eyes

5. Cover the face with plastic wrap, leave the lips and eyes area

6. Put the towel on your face for 20 minutes to block the light source to allow the product to fully penetrate. If you operate in a lighted room, you need to turn off the light.

7. Turn on the 415nm, 635nm pulsed LED light, each pulse for 10 minutes

8. Complete treatment, clean the skin

9. Place the Glamour Bio Cellulose Repair Mask for 20 minutes to clam your skin.

10. Always apply sunscreen after treatment, you need to apply sunscreen during the whole treatment period.

PDT photodynamic acne therapy usually takes 3 to 5 sessions for a complete treatment, depending on the skin condition of each patient. Each treatment interval is one week, but can be adjusted according to the patient’s skin condition. You can perform other skin treatment when doing PDT photodynamic therapy.

PDT photodynamic therapy before & after pictures
PDT photodynamic therapy before & after pictures
PDT photodynamic therapy acne treatment review
PDT photodynamic therapy acne treatment review

Important things to know after procedure

1. You can wash your face or having light makeup on the same day after treatment.

2. Please be gently cleaning your face to avoid irritating the skin.

3. Please try to avoid UV rays during the whole PDT photodynamic acne treatment always remember to apply sunscreen.

4. Please do not go to sauna, or having heavry exercise, etc. for 2-3 days after use.

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Omega Light Dual_Omega光疗灯_Omega LED Light_Omega PDT therapy

Omega Light Dual_Omega光疗灯_Omega LED Light_Omega PDT therapy

Omega light Dual 是用 LED和 IPL 光线治疗各种皮肤问题的复合光源设备。
Omega light 用 LED达到423nm~660nm,各种波长和IPL达到到 450nm~1000nm,医用LED的光线波长能照射到皮肤不同层次解决复杂的皮肤问题。

Omega light Dual 使用了比原来的Omega light 更佳强烈高亮度特殊进紫外线PSMD LED 因素体现更卓越的效果, 并普通激光治疗的缺点热损伤, 光老化, 创伤等无危险, 安全地治疗复合光源照射设备。

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.32.29 AM

Omega Light Dual
Omega Light Dual
Omega led光疗灯二代
Omega led光疗灯二代

使用Omega Dual二代光疗灯治疗痘痘-PDT LED Therapy


PDT therapy gel

PDT GEL came with its own patent technology to improve tryptophan and riboflavin, by LED light therapy rapidly calm skin problems and making healthy.
After process by-product become amino acid, and it also decreased side effect of photosensitized now concept of Photo Dynamic Therapy.

Riboflavin activator 和 Tryptophan solution 涂抹于皮肤后,浸入需要一定时间。在这里,可见光范围的445nm或者照射 Blue light 的话,核黄素使色氨酸生成反应形成 Raducal ,这个分解反应物与水分子反应形成强力的 ROS 即hydroxyl ra-dical。 hydroxyl radical 2个分子结合而生成hydrogen peroxide,但这一连串的 Raducal 形成反应是从photosensitizer 即核黄素开始,由从诱导色氨酸,通过浸入毛孔内的核黄素和色氨酸之间的 Raducal 诱导反应,具有减少面疮病菌和皮脂分泌的效果。

> Riboflabin It promotes tryptophan’s activation with brightening effects.
> Tryptophan It is essential amino acid. With riboflavin, it converts to peroxides and soothes inflammatory acne in a short time.
> Glycolic Acid It is one of the smallest AHA and quickly penetrates into skin. Keratin removal effects are the most outstanding.
Niacinamide It is superior whitening ingredient. It decreases melanin movement from melanocyte to keratinocyte. As nicotine acid’s amide,
it is one of the complexes with water-soluble vitamin and vitamin B. It helps skin cell vitalize and winkle improvement.It helps skin cell vitalize and winkle improvement.



乙醇酸(Glycolic acid)



Before surgery remove sedum or pimple.
After rub PDT solution process incubation 20 min.
When processing incubation block all light (Cover towel)

* Depend on skin type could feels heat, so CRYO or Ice pack to calm.
* Severe regrowing P.acne, after rub PDT need to MTS or Ultrasonic or Cryo to accelerating absorption.

1. 清洁脸部

2. 首次施术,清除老化角质,挤压痘痘脓包,药物PEELING等程序

3. 使用PDT GEL吸光剂涂上脸部,放保鲜膜

4. 使用Omega Light(dual)IPL+LED模式,使用423NM蓝光波长照射20分钟

5. 使用EXODERM再生面膜镇静15分钟

6. 结束,洁脸后涂上防晒霜



Omega Dual LED Light 光疗灯术后再生疗程



3.打开OMEGA LED模式,使用660nm红色波长照射20分钟



exoderm mask

Omega dual不同波长能达到皮肤的深度
Omega dual不同波长能达到皮肤的深度
Omega LED Light
Omega LED Light
omega dual IPL light
omega dual IPL light

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