Botox injection training course | Filler injection training course | Korea Derma Shine injection training course

Korea Plastic Surgery Training Course | Botox injection training course | Filler injection training course | Korea Derma Shine injection training course

Our elite injection cosmetic surgery training program offer an oppertunity for professional who are interested in injection cosmetic method such as filler injection, botox injection, derma shine injection, MTS PDRN treatments, PPC injection (Lipo Dissolve fat melting injection), tread lifting and Ultherapy treatments, etc. Our professor Dr. Han will demonstrate how to use Microcannula for filler injection to advoid veins on the face, we will also explain the location of the veins on face, layers of skin and anatomy of the human face. We will also demonstrate the latest PDRN treatments which is popular in Korea since 2015. Updated skills, your new opportunity for adding one more treatment in your own clinic! The whole course is taught in Korean, we offer Chinese and English translation. Don’t worry about the language barrier, Channel clinic is your best choice for skill improvement training!


Date Time Schedule
Day 1 9:00 -22:00 -Arrived Jeju International Airport
-Arrived hotel
-Welcome party for newbies
Day 2 10:00-13:00 -Professor introduction 
-Injection Theory
-Injection Method, Disinfection
-Facial Anatomy
-How to avoid and solve Complication
2:00 -18:00 -Introduction of fillers and its use
-Filler injection demonsrate 
-The use of Microcannula
-Filler brands and product introduction
-Dinner, free time
Day 3 9:00 -13:00 -Botox injection theory
-Botox admix
-Botox winkles removal,facial lifting
-Botox for body slimming
-Botox brands and product introduction
2:00 -18:00 -Whitening injection,Placenta injection,Sculptra injection
-Derma Shine injection,PDRN injection, MTS treatment
Day 4 10:00-13:00 -V-line Lipo Dissolve injection for face
-PPC injection for body
-Product brands and product introduction
2:00 -18:00 -Tread lifting, misko tread rhinoplasty
-Ultherapy treatment 
Day 5 10:00-13:00 -Graduation 
-Photos with Professor Han and Certificate Issue
2:00 -18:00 -Jeju sightseeing
-Goodbye party
Day 6 10:00-18:00  -Transportation to airport

Our Tuition fee will be $1999 USD inlcuding transportation from airport to hotel, hotel fees and 3 meals a day, including all text books and materials used during the course, we accepted paypal payment plus 5% fees, Pop Money money transfer or wire transfer payment.

Channel Plastic Surgery Clinic
Channel Plastic Surgery Clinic

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