None surgical brow lift with U Cog double needles cannula PDO thread

u cog double cannula needles pdo cog lifting thread

U Cog Double Needles Cannula PDO threads : none surgical brow lift procedure

U cog PDO thread is linked with two 19G cannula needle at both the end of the spike PDO thread, it is strong enough to pull up sagging skin of the jaw line, especially it could used for none surgical brow lift. This breakthrough product which replaces what was possible only as a major surgery through incision with simple procedure is produced by leading-edge technology of U COG pdo lifting thread. By having two cannulas while pulling from two directions, the strength is strong enough and the lifting effect of the COG thread became much stronger, it could be use for breast lifting, butt lifting, jaw line lifting, forearms around triceps and brow lift. Inserted with its cannula to prevent patient from brushing and swelling.

u cog double cannula needles pdo cog lifting thread
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Unlike similar products, it is made of 48cm thread so that it can be easily applied to any part and it is filled with high quality spikes cutting throughout the thread. The needle is also specially made and does not break or bend. U COG double cannula pdo lifting thread for none surgical brow lift is mainly applied to the forehead, upper part of each eyebrow so that drooped eyelids can be lifted. So with a single treatment, you may have an effect for enlarging the eyes, for spreading the whole wrinkles of the eye tails and making the forehead smooth.

How to perform a none surgical brow lift with U Cog double needles pdo thread

The size of the thread is  in 21G 110 mm cannula, the thread is 470mm

U-Cog 21G 110mm W-Spatular 470mm USP 0




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