Buy Neuramis Dermal Fillers online | How to how to distinguish fake ones guide

How to how to distinguish fake Neuramis Dermal Fillers Guide

Neuramis Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers produced by Medytox in Korea is known for its high quality with a low price. It has 100% purity hyaluronic acid and its molecular weight is 3 times that of ordinary hyaluronic acid. Maintenance time is 6-12 months or more. It is said that when the American company Allergan, the US company that produced the Botox, spent $65 million to purchase the technology of Medytox in Korea, and returned to the United States to produce the hottest hyaluronic acid product called Juverderm. The percentage is paid to the Korean Medytox company patent fee.

However since it is very popular in China, so there are a lot of fake ones made in China are selling online, be careful of fake one and always buy Neuramis online from Korea, where the package is shipped from Korea.  You can visit to buy Neuramis dermal fillers online, ship direct from Korea with 100% authentic guarantee.

how to spot counterfeit Newramis dermal fillers

The top one is fake on the above picture, and the lower one is real, can you see the differences?

how to spot authentic newramis fillers and fake

The above instruction pages, the top one is authentic, the bottom one is counterfeit.

how to distinguish counterfeit newramis dermal fillers

Please check out the sticker as well inside the package, the cutting is very straight for authentic Neuramis fillers.

The last thing to test the filler is authentic or not is to test it with Hyaluronidase, see if the fillers will be melt when you put Hyaluronidase together. So try squeeze 0.05cc out and melt it first, if it doesn’t melt, please throw it out and do not use it.

Neuramis 韩国玻尿酸纽拉美斯真假对比图 | 如何分辨真假纽拉玻尿酸

韩国Medytox公司生产的Neuramis 纽拉美斯玻尿酸​以其性价比高见称,具有100%纯度透明质酸,其分子量是普通玻尿酸的3倍,注射后从而达到维持时间较长。维持时间12-18个月以上。据说当年美国Allergan艾尔健公司,生产保妥士Botox的美国公司花6500万美元购买韩国Medytox公司的技术项目后, 回美国生产现在最火的玻尿酸产品起名叫乔亚登 每年还需要按营业额的百分比付给韩国Medytox公司专利费。 也就是说Allergan公司所谓的美国乔亚登其实就是韩国的技术。韩国Medytox公司生产的Neuramis纽拉美斯玻尿酸就是性价比最高的乔雅登!




Neuramis Filler 韩国玻尿酸纽拉美斯真假对比图,如何分辨真假纽拉



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