SkinPlus-Hyal the only HA Dermal Filler that last for 5 years

Dermal filler which is made with Hyaluronic Acid is the most safe filler for cosmetic injection. Hyaluronic acid is originally present in the body and is an important component supporting skin elasticity. However, it will be lost with age, resulting in water shortage and wrinkles. At this time, hyaluronic acid can be injected into the skin, and hyaluronic acid will be fused with the original hyaluronic acid component in the body to achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles and filling the depression. Hyaluronic acid injected into skin has high compatibility with the skin and can be decomposed and absorbed by the human body.

However most of the hyaluronic acid filler only last for about 6 months to 1 year. When the hyaluronic acid absorbs water after injected into skin, it will increase the volume and the fullness of the skin in the area to rapidly smooth out the undesired wrinkle or fold. However, as time goes by it is gradually absorbed into the body, as it would natural occurs with our own hyaluronic acid within’ our body. Our body will simply break down the hyaluronic acid molecules and eliminate them just as it does our own hyaluronic acid.

Skinplus-Hyal overcome the conventional Cross-linking technology by applying the patented Multi-staged Cross-linking technology to create three layered small beads that resolves the difficulty of creating a long-lasting HA Filler. SkinPlus-HYAL is a ‘Premium’  product line, the hardest of all product and biggest particle size with increased stability and long lasting effect. Skinplus-Hyal can last up to 5 years, it is made of pure hyaluronic acid of a patented MCL cross linking technology. It is safe to use, it could be dissolved by Hyaluronidase within’ 20 minus. Skinplus-Hyal is KFDA and CE approved, it is license to sell in over 8 countries currently, more will be coming later on.

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